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  1. Moon boy

    Keith Hill

    Good to see our Keith having another go, Onions or Revels? We’ll see
  2. Onions, Revels? Is our Keith still manager?
  3. ‘Taking the knee’ is not a political statement’ ? What is it then a warm up exercise? Like all fans, players will all have their own political views let’s keep it that way, I would boo to show that however worthy the cause I don’t need to know their politics or opinions, I’ve paid to watch a football match nothing more nothing less
  4. Moon boy

    Keith Hill

    I heard that too, he also had them flicking dog shit at each other with a lolly stick, ‘team building’ he said, think it’s in his upcoming biography ‘ I know my onions’ should be out for Christmas
  5. Crawford signing a good start One our Keith plucked from nowhere, onions anybody?
  6. Inflation in the U.K. was 17% in 1979, it was the same throughout the West, Governments used interest rates to try and get it under control I'm familiar with the Company’s you mention, they were all caught out by needing to modernise their machinery but needed to do it at the worst possible time to borrow money with interest rates sky high, we had a mortgage at the time and got shafted but we had no choice. Sadly the firms fell by the wayside and the work went elsewhere but again to try and blame MT is incorrect imo
  7. I worked in engineering all through the 70’s and80’s, CNC & CAD meant one machine could do the job of several other skilled men turners, millers ect. Where I worked they trained women up to work them machines and paid them less than skilled blokes. How could MT herself initiate ‘mass redundancies & factory closures’?, that’s just progress, like I said your talking bollocks
  8. Bollocks, engineering, not just in Bolton but all over the country was de-skilled when CNC machines and the like came in, it was just normal industrial progression, are you blaming her for scarcity of chimney sweeps as well?
  9. Might be time to cancel your ‘Socialist Worker’ subscription.
  10. See ‘NUT’, they’re still flying the flag
  11. You’re right, Gormley achieved far more than that twat Scargill, all though he was pushing against an open door with Wilson, Callaghan and Heath. The power of union leaders was not good for the rest of society, someone had to put a stop to it and MT sorted it
  12. See Derick Hatton and friends
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