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  1. Moon boy

    Keith Hill

    Good to see our Keith having another go, Onions or Revels? We’ll see
  2. Onions, Revels? Is our Keith still manager?
  3. I’m not ‘scared’ of saying anything There are very few Asians in Breightmet
  4. Bolton has gone from 19 cases a couple of weeks ago to 133, the highest rate in the country, Hancock said in Parliament it was due to 18-29 year olds going in pubs, if you want to believe that that’s ok. If you think that’s a little unlikely form your own opinion
  5. It must have been some party at Henighans, these young people eh!
  6. Do people really think that Bolton has become the worst town in the country, yes worst town in the country because 17-29 year olds went for a pint in Henighans? Whats so different about Bolton? Have there been cases in other pubs throughout England, my guess is loads so why no explosion of cases elsewhere? Someone must know the truth, we’re being fed bullshit
  7. If you get Covid are you a ‘selfish, pig ignorant wanker’? Have you done something illegal or anti social to catch it?
  8. Like everyone else I don’t know but, Bolton’s current rate is 121 per 100,000 was it free ale in Henighans The worst ten towns in the country are within a ten mile radius of Bolton, why?
  9. The Covid virus does not differentiate between white shutters and Muslims or any other group but Bolton, Oldham and few more northern towns have taken more than there fair share of Asylum seekers and Refugees over recent times, Breightmet has a large number of Asylum seekers in Council property, this number may have increased over the summer due to the large influx arriving across the channel. The number of positive tests does not break down to where the person caught it be it the ‘bottom bull’ or a rubber dinghy If anyone can explain Bolton becoming the highest in the country
  10. ‘Taking the knee’ is not a political statement’ ? What is it then a warm up exercise? Like all fans, players will all have their own political views let’s keep it that way, I would boo to show that however worthy the cause I don’t need to know their politics or opinions, I’ve paid to watch a football match nothing more nothing less
  11. Looks like there may be a retrial, jury may have been intimidated
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