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  1. When I was at school the concept of a second club was mainly rangers or Celtic
  2. I was a city fan growing up in the 70,s.as Francis Lee was my hero back in the day,even went to Wembley in 1970 with them in the league cup final to be honest I had never heard of Bolton wanderers until my dads friend took us to watch Bolton at Blackburn about 1972/1973 I was about 9 years old I was hooked and in love, been a wanderer ever since if they had gone pop 18 months ago I would still be a wanderer as I am today maybe have gone to watch Chorley now and again.
  3. I am a Bolton fan living and working in Wigan what a life I’m leading at the minute the smile has never left my face for weeks.12 months ago when these Wigan fans we’re chirping they were saying that my precious bwfc was going bust they didn’t like it when I was saying that Wigan will still be in our shadow if we do go bust. my stomach was churning and in knots 12 months on this is my time and they are getting it, if/when The few of them do come out there’s a few Bolton fans in my village waiting for them ohhhh there is a god
  4. That’ll be strange not hearing jimmy wagg on the radio going to and back home from the match on a Saturday afternoon.always seemed to have a soft spot for bwfc even though he’s a city fan
  5. I’m actually feeling emotional my eyes are watery we could be finally coming out of this nightmare once a wanderer always a wanderer it’s in the blood
  6. That stance didn’t last long, he’s just signed for Celtic for 4 years hope we got a decent fee for him
  7. Kay’s at cleveleys now that’s gud un
  8. Unbelievable leaves a young family Rip
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