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  1. They usually do a few teasers in the days leading up to the "reveal" if my memory serves me correctly.
  2. I don't agree with the rest, but I think considering him injury prone is fair comment.
  3. I hope this new sponsorship includes one of those little cars to bring the ball onto the pitch for kick off.
  4. Aye, a lot of people (especially on Twitter) seem to assuming it's a foregone conclusion we're going to be promoted next season and they're going to be relegated.
  5. I'm not having it that Connell moved from us to Celtic just for money.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if he is getting more money, to be honest.
  7. Fossey's off to Rovrum apparently.
  8. There's a gap in quality between us and the very best but there's no reason to think we won't likely be around the top six in my opinion.
  9. They have to be under 21 on 1st January of the year the season commences.
  10. FFS First Kioso, now Tucker
  11. The highly-rated Jack Tucker. I'd be quite chuffed if we signed him.
  12. He can't own (or have a stake of over 10% in) two English clubs at once.
  13. I'm comfortable with us moving on from Fossey but we need a specialist in that position in my opinion. Sadlier can only ever be a stop gap there.
  14. Lt. Aldo Raine


    It baffles me. They obviously must do it for the attention but have to know it's all going to fall apart.
  15. It's still hard to believe this ever happened:
  16. Lt. Aldo Raine


    I'm fairly sure there were a number of missed deadlines with us. It's probably an unpopular opinion, but we were lucky to be allowed to start the season really given we were in administration and hadn't paid our players for months.
  17. So would I. But Mount doesn't play in the Champions League with this England team. I think it's a good thing that this group of England players take the opportunity to play against those countries that typically dominate international football when they can. It's good to test ourselves as a team against countries that ask tougher questions of us than the likes of Hungary, Sweden, Andorra, etc.
  18. The Nations League being on Premier Sports is shit.
  19. I've just watched a compilation of his goals. He's scored some belters over the years.
  20. His experience in the centre of the pitch would probably be quite useful but I think he'll get a better offer than us.
  21. I think there's a difference when comes to experience against top players with an England team. They don't play with each other very often so it's better they do against the teams we'd likely have to beat in a semi-final or final to gain a bit of familiarity of the level.
  22. I take your point about fatigue but I think I prefer our best players playing against the biggest international teams. There aren't many opportunities to play them outside the latter stages of international tournaments and I think the more experience we have of playing against them the better. Rest Mount on Tuesday night.
  23. Yes. I think we'd have heard by now of any potential incomings where a transfer fee has been agreed, so i can't see us announcing any of those, but I think we might announce a few free transfers over next next week or so.
  24. Yes, I'd never heard of him. I'm guessing he played for AC Milan given the colour of the shirt he was wearing.
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