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  1. He actually apears to be playing on the left of a front three. When he was at his best for us it was during the second half of the season under Hill when he took the spot vacated by Verlinden on the left wing.
  2. I'm not as relaxed as some about our ability to score goals. There seems to be a correlation between us dominatimg possession and failing to score. Correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation but the impression I grt is that the players we have currently aren't good enough to allow the better opposition to drop off and try to drag them out of shape. There's no disgrace in that considering where we've come from, but I do think it poses a problem we need to find an answer to.
  3. I thought during the first half yesterday and against Wigan last week that bar Santos and MJ we were nowhere near tall or big enough.
  4. United supporters leaving at half time.
  5. I don't think we've offered him a second improved contract, have we?
  6. I like Isgrove but his figures this season read: P14 G0 A0 Anyway, I stayed back to clap them off the pitch today. I wouldn'g have thought that with ten minutes to play. We have much to improve on - we can't continue having to work so hard to create an opportunity and our defensive organisation is practically non-existent - but to come back from two goals down, in the context of events this week, makes me proud of them.
  7. Colvin started for Prescot Cables. It finished 2-1 to 1874 Northwich Victoria.
  8. Consider the wages saved the transfer fee.
  9. We've failed to score in 7 of our last 10 and have now lost 5 of our last 8. I think we'll start picking up results again once we hit the easier run of fixtures in November, but it might be best to just park ideas about finishing in the top six for now.
  10. It looks like there are going to quite a few of them. It's a great idea. If you walk through the town centre now you wouldn't know the town had a football club.
  11. The semi finals midweek were great. Gavi is playing for Spain again tonight. It's just his tenth senior appearance. He only made his debut for Barcelona B this year.
  12. This is pretty much it for me. We have to make it easier to create an opportunity. If the opposition allow us to dominate posession and invite us to come on to them we aren't good enough yet at this level to break them down.
  13. Professional footballers (with the exception of goalkeepers) are up to four times more likely to develop dementia compared to the general population. For defenders, that rises to up to five times more likely. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/science/dementia-professional-footballers-glasgow-study-b1895217.html%3famp I remember reading that repeated heading of footballs during training, day in, day out, was thought to be the chief cause, similar to how it's often sparring that cause neurodegenerative problems with boxers. James Toney's training consisted of nothing but sparring for literally decades, and now he's in his fifties and can barely string a sentence together. Compare him to Roy Jones (similar age, same generation) and it's night and day.
  14. Brockbank is injured and Isgrove is probably a better option at full back in Evatt's system than Baptiste.
  15. An opportunity for Kachunga? Failing that, Delf.
  16. Did we actually still have concourse betting kiosks? I thought we'd done away with them years ago.
  17. Brocky's played a fair amount under Evatt, to be fair. Thomason hasn't had opportunities in the league this season yet, but Evatt did keep the faith and pick him for important fixtures last season when I often thought he might've gone with a more experienced option.
  18. It was from a set piece, wasn't it? I'm not sure I'd count it as open play.
  19. 20,877 was the official attendance.
  20. He's got two and a half years left on his contract FWIW.
  21. Lt. Aldo Raine


    They have and continue to yet their supporters still hate them. I'd have thought they might've looked around other clubs in the north west in recent years and counted their blessing but evidently not.
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