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  1. They've got very wealthy owners, willing to spend.
  2. Lt. Aldo Raine


    And that's without going into potential points deductions, registration embargoes, etc.
  3. Lt. Aldo Raine


    It depends on how well their takeover goes. Under sensible ownership, with some financial backing, they'd be a more attractjve draw for most. The big advantage we have, though, is that whoever goes there faces a big rebuild job and Evatt's just spent two years on a rebuild job here. It'd be a career reset for him and I don't think he'd take the risk.
  4. I thought Kioso was great, for what it's worth. I'm not entirely sure what his position is, though.
  5. Yes, I'm expecting they've done their research on it. If I were someone who wasn't interested in football and wanted to book a room at the hotel, "Bolton Stadium Hotel" is probably what I'd search for first.
  6. But it's good to see the Radisson partnership is still in place. It'd all gone quiet for a while on that front.
  7. "Bolton Stadium Hotel" reminds me of the Selby Leisure Centre naming competition.
  8. The best squads nearly always have two, three, four players who could be considered captaincy material and would ordinarily be captains of other squads. We know Rico and Gethin are two who are of that type and watching that interview I get the impression Ddmpsey is another. That can only be a good thing.
  9. I know he's from Cumbria but for some reason I always expect Dempsey to speak with an Essex accent.
  10. A very sensible decision.
  11. They usually do a few teasers in the days leading up to the "reveal" if my memory serves me correctly.
  12. I don't agree with the rest, but I think considering him injury prone is fair comment.
  13. I hope this new sponsorship includes one of those little cars to bring the ball onto the pitch for kick off.
  14. Aye, a lot of people (especially on Twitter) seem to assuming it's a foregone conclusion we're going to be promoted next season and they're going to be relegated.
  15. I'm not having it that Connell moved from us to Celtic just for money.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if he is getting more money, to be honest.
  17. Fossey's off to Rovrum apparently.
  18. There's a gap in quality between us and the very best but there's no reason to think we won't likely be around the top six in my opinion.
  19. They have to be under 21 on 1st January of the year the season commences.
  20. FFS First Kioso, now Tucker
  21. The highly-rated Jack Tucker. I'd be quite chuffed if we signed him.
  22. He can't own (or have a stake of over 10% in) two English clubs at once.
  23. I'm comfortable with us moving on from Fossey but we need a specialist in that position in my opinion. Sadlier can only ever be a stop gap there.
  24. Lt. Aldo Raine


    It baffles me. They obviously must do it for the attention but have to know it's all going to fall apart.
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