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  1. I think his success at Sheffield United was built on his overlapping centre-backs system, which I'm assuming has since been found out.
  2. The best of the modern era in my opinion. Any idea where they'd have got them from? It just seems weird they have multiple sizes brand new.
  3. I think by "overachievers" people probably mean overachieving relative to what they think the club's resources are.
  4. He clearly hasn't been "pulled back by the eye sockets" and, as you point out, they haven't seemed to wonder why their player has his arms around the back of Williams' legs. Ps. Are you going anywhere nice?
  5. Kachunga works incredibly hard, positions himself well, closes down the space the opposition look to play in, and is clearly willing. All those things have their advantages and are no doubt why why Evatt picks him. But he obviously lacks the natural goalscoring instincts of the likes of Charles, Dapo, Bod, even Baka. There's a reason why his goalscoring record (and also his rate of providing assists) over a long period is so poor and it won't improve, at least not dramatically or consistently. That's just where he is as a player. Him and Charles up front can work - it seemed to today - by causing problems for the opposition backline with their relentless pressing but we probably shouldn't expect consistent goalscoring from their partnership.
  6. I couldn't go today and was about to ask how he got on. I'm glad it sounds like he's continuing his good run of form, first half shot aside.
  7. I think it's going to become an increasingly common occurrence, especially at home against clubs below the top six/eight.
  8. I notice Root was playing golf with Piers Morgan this week rather than cricket for Yorkshire in a relegation decider. That can't have gone down well.
  9. Of course not, but I think @bolton va va was making a joke.
  10. He did but he has a history of leaving and then re-joining that club. Before Johnson left office, Sheridan had had a spell as manager there during the premiership of every Prime Minister since Major.
  11. There can't be many better penalty takers in world football than Kane. I can't remember him taking one that even gave the goalkeeper a chance, never mind missing.
  12. Bellingham has the potential to be properly top drawer.
  13. The Hemmings family issue a statement stating they are propping up Preston Norrh End to the tune of £12m per season and have cut back on their budget. The number of ungrateful twats in the comments is insane. It reminds me of us in about 2013/2014.
  14. The purpose of the competition is to shift the balance of power from the counties (and money) to the ECB. The sooner it goes, the better in my opinion.
  15. In my experience, people use Middlebrook for the retail park rather than just the stadium. Was Westlands the name of the area before it was built on? I know it won't catch on by the way, I'd just prefer it if we had some kind of ideally, geographic unofficial name.
  16. I don't mean as determined by the club necessarily, just a colloquial one among supporters. We already have that with "the Reebok" but I think it's a bit naff. Similar to how City suppporters used to refer to the Emptihad as Eastlands.
  17. Oh without a doubt. No one covers themselves in glory.
  18. I think you might be being too generous. He remains in the same position from the point they cross the halfway line, then moves backwards. He's just lost his bearings.
  19. Interesting. John and Beck, and a midfield of Morley, Sheehan and Sadlier I hope we get to see Stanley and Carty at some stage.
  20. No, but I wish we had a proper unofficial name for the stadium that people could use instead of the sponsored name (not the Reebok as that's still a brand name).
  21. He's not being brought off because he's more physically tired than anyone else, just because we can afford to rotate our midfield and because he's more susceptible to injury.
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