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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Its All Boltons Fault

Boby Brno

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Just had this communication from my German friend Christoph.

Everything was fine as we sat in the cafes with the Poles drinking, singing and generaly having a good time.

It was then that we spotted the feared Polish Ultras! This time they had come decked out in their new euro 2008 tee shirts!

RAF Bolton! I did not know of a town in Poland called Bolton but they continued to sing an annoying song about our glorious Luftwaffer.

Anyway, enough was enough and thats when ( as you say) it all kicked off.

Auf wiedersehen Boby.

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I don't get it? Where the Poles singing the RAF from Bolton?


Polish pilots flew on our side in the way, from what I understand. They were prob singing the RAF from Poland, at a guess.

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