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  1. Stop bitin' I've put me rod away now!
  2. You only just got up?Fishin' season ended about two hours ago.
  3. Exactly!Just a bit of sunday mornin still half cut from the night before banter.Would've been chuffed if he had won because it could only have a positive effect for the town.Lighten up ffs!
  4. Fishings good on here this morning anewman!
  5. Risque humour I said!If JT can get away with it so can I!
  6. Very likely,but the other options had a bit of risque humour about them.
  7. Open a takeaway up Deane or perhaps a corner shop,the worlds his oyster!
  8. That has cheered me up no end.Funny as fuck!
  9. Mate at work always going on about it,so i gave it a try.Utter utter crap!Totally unfunny just like Ricky Gervaise!
  10. Spot on!And its round the corner from Lancaster which is a good place for a night out.
  11. You do know that Scousers invented rock n roll don't you?
  12. Knew a bloke who used to work for him and he said he was a proper cunt!Wasn't there some scandal because he got paid some ridiculous amount for being a trustee at Bolton General a few years back?
  13. And they call some muslims religious nutters!!WTF!!!
  14. Bottom of Chorley old Road just before The Nelson pub for example!Another eyesore is The Odeon,looks like the luftwaffe have been over.
  15. SHAT


    My lad saw him in Fannys friday night and he was shit faced then.
  16. Just turned down a ticket for saturday.Had the "Live in Blackpool"dvd for ages and still not got past the first song(can he actually sing live now?) .Love the studio recordings so I'll stick to those.
  17. Send the buggers back,send the buggers back...........
  18. That has got to have come from the same source as the man who looks like a thumb.
  19. Any bread that comes in a plastic bag is shite.As soon as you undo the tag and fresh air hits it the edges curl up and mushrooms form on it (imagine the bit in the Hammer films where they open Draculas coffin in direct sunlight).Vile stuff,even tastes shite when toasted!
  20. Top'oth brow being inaccessible isn't really a problem though is it?
  21. Or some fucker who's just come over here in the back of a HGV!
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