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  1. Griffin.....when in The Motherland Cock and Bull when home in Santa Monica Los Gordos in La Bufadora Mexico on weekends
  2. Classic on one of the Dave Higson videos he asked Darren what today's score will be and Darren replied that he was..... "going to have an operation on my bottom"
  3. that cost me $2,000 for the weekend trip.....I remember the whole car park raising up with "We only hate Man United" when their team bus arrived, and there was helicopters up as there was talk of hijacking the bus, and some Paddy DMB getting a shoeing outside Churchill's as he was searching for a ticket
  4. Hamilton Accies reserves v Forfar reserves I was working for a band who were playing Hamilton social club, there were 3 men and a dog at the game and I still had to pay 10p to get in
  5. His goal away at West Brom was a night match, not even sure that it might have been a Friday night which in those days was very unusual, very few of us there, it was towards the end of the game, I got a clout off a local as I was the only one who jumped up, it was a big open terrace which is now the end where the away fans sit
  6. He will be a squished Spider if Carl gets hold of him.....
  7. we played a team near Dosseldorf (can't remember their name) a guy called Stephen Rothwell organised the trip we had 2 coaches that went on the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, remember taking all the flags off the flagpoles and using them like chopsticks to nick everything through the fence of the onboard duty free shop, non of us had a cabin so the crew who were all tiny African blokes gave us all a blanket and tried to bed us all down for the night in deck chairs, we had a trail of blankets all across the North sea, one lad got caught shaging a girl by her dad and all Hell broke loose, they had a prison cell on board and the local plod were waiting for the ship to dock, a couple of lads didn't make it into Holland, we got back on the coach and drove to Dusseldorf arriving in time to cause some serious damage to their beer inventory, some of us found a porno cinema and were enjoying the delights of a few German blueys when a commotion broke out behind us....some young Bolton kid had found a screwdriver and was in the process of removing the hinges from the locked box where they kept the 8mm movies (yes it was that long ago) ....everyone thrown out we all met up to get back on the coaches and go to the game, unfortunatly nobody had took the time to give the drivers directions...we all arrived at half time and the Krouts still wanted us to pay to get in......down went the fence and we all ran up a hill and over the top to discover that the stadium was like a big bowl....the locals didnt see us coming and all ran to the other end....thinking it was WW2 all over again....we feasted on real glass bottles of beer that the sellers brought to you, and I remember they also sold BBQ fish still with their heads on....after the game we all went on the lash befre getting back on the coach driving through Belgium to Calais and back on the ferry to Dover....Brilliant weekend !! Now the following year we played about 3 games on a German tour, definately Stuttgart as we went to their shiney new stadium that was built for the World Cup, we all stayed on a campsite opposite the ground and banged all our old shilling coins in the machings as they were exactly the same size as a German Mark, they had cold bottle beers and buttys in the machines....the owner was well pissed off when he empted the machines the following morning....we definately played a team called Delmahorst because that is where I borrowed the German Horn from that I used to seronade Burnden with.....can't remember who else we played but I flew in for that tour and travelled around on a train pass, soon got sick of trying to sleep on an overnight train, we all bunked in Big Dave's room one night....he was the only guy with any real German money....and one night Roy Greaves, Sam, Reidy and a few others sneaked me into their hotel and I kipped on the floor..... Now THOSE were the days !!
  8. at 83 years old Tommy Banks would still batter anyone in his way......
  9. I used to have a steady run to Mississippi, Tenessee, and Kentucky, I often got..."are you from England in London?".... Jed Clampets everywhere !!
  10. His Disco pants were the best....
  11. Half the Lever End use to empty and leg it around to The Embankment to batter any away fans who had the nerve to shout for their own team..... Warbies couldn't be bothered unless any idiots had a death wish and challenged them....FRED HILL ALIAS GOD
  12. Mr Smiffs......I went to see the young lady on your profile photo last night...he-she is playing here in L.A. for a couple of weeks, billed as yet another " final farewell" concert....absolutely fooooookin brilliant !!
  13. The King dancing through the mud ....Southampton away Godbless the Great Man....
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