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  1. I don't think he attempts to be neutral, hence the need for a debate. But he is willing to openly and publicly discuss it, unlike some ... I didn't hear one compelling argument contrary to his position either. I guess he felt the same?I He also states early on that, using his own logic the KKK would be a terrorist organisation. It's not exactly the 'hot potato' that BLM currently is though is it? Have you seen the stats here, or in the US relating to crime by race? I actually believe it needs addressing but shouting 'systemic racism' and 'it's all the fault of whites and their privilege' isnt a very smart approach if you want to reduce the clear racial imbalances. Don't you think?
  2. This is the uninterrupted debate. How refreshing!
  3. I like what this fella does. Quelle surprise on the outcome though. They are terrorists, and Marxists, the pair of em and should be shut down. They do no good for anyone, let alone the actual black communities. Cynical as fook!
  4. I've had a few but there's little out there these days that's decent and affordable, unless you wanna fork out £10,000+ on a Karuizawa ... Nikka Whiskey from the Barrel is the best value for money and you can pick it up online or in Waitrose for about £35 (50cl bottle though ...) It's a cracking blend that beats many a single malt and leans towards the sweeter bourbon style so bourbon fans would probably like it. I quite like Nikka Pure Malt Black as well but that's about £45 for the same size ... It's a well-travelled rumour that a lot of Jap whisk(e)y has Scotch malt in it (probably Ben Nevis). Those are the only two I'd even look at now although some say Suntory Toki blend is OK and that's in most supermarkets.
  5. If you like JD, Amazon are selling JD Single barrel barrel proof for £55. Good price and it's possibly the best full proof bourbon/TW I've had. I drink about 60% Scotch and the rest Irish, rye and bourbon. I find bourbon to be the harshest (alcohol wise) actually but it suits the style. I particularly like Wild Turkey 101 or Rare Breed, which are also good deals. Ive got a Redbreast 12 cask strength in the go at the minute. What a drop that is ... A Glenfarclas 25 and Flaming Heart from Compass Box await my 40th at end o'month. Canny wait ...
  6. Aye, mad as a hatter. God, ive missed you 😍
  7. Ooh I'm flattered! Rarely come on here these days as Casino effectively barred me; and no, Cas, I don't post as anyone else. He allowed some posts but not many so what was the point? The massive fanny. Oops, this one won't be making an appearance either then ... Oh and just to be clear re. breastmilk. I've since acquired a taste and have had my Mrs in a perpetual state of post-pregnancy, so much so I now sell it on the black market like Fat Tony in the Simpsons. Back on point, I do like to mix it with a peaty whisky as it makes a lovely smoking nipple 😜 Don't believe everything you read.
  8. Think I'll buy me a football team
  9. Jacob RM summed this up nicely - after a general election if you vote Tory and Labour get in you don't push for another GE before they've had chance to govern. It's the same with Brexit. We have to act on the decision first before we can vote to change the result. That's how democracy works. If we just have vote after vote after vote nowt would get done.
  10. Surely in a free country (like the ones he 'fights to protect for the Queen') folk are free to pose for photos with whoever they choose? A squaddie in a snap with TR no more suggests Major Farley is a supporter of right wing extremist groups than an Islamic loon blowing up kids means all Muslims are terrorists. I'm glad it wasn't just my irony detector that pinged hearing that
  11. Low hanging fruit. Any comedian shooting for Trump shows they're not really very funny, imo.
  12. Never had that one but had a few Balvenies and they're usually decent if a little too watered down. As it's a travel retail item the general vibe in the 'whisky fabric' is that they tend to use up lesser stocks to fill those shelves with; but only the drinker can really say if it's any good or not. As a drinker I'd be more than happy to receive it as a gift but wouldn't look to buy it - if that helps?
  13. :lol: Private sites can ban or censor who they want, a bit like Wandersways I only ask that free speech applies to all, unanimously and equally. Interesting read this page though since TR's release. Clearly the courts were at fault. Top judge in the UK said it was in effect a kangaroo court. All these conspiracy loons eh?
  14. Agree Agree again - but for all instances, not just this.
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