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  1. got our season tickets, both came with same client reference on them, emailed club who are sending me another card out with daughters ref on, but i still cant buy tickets on linefor season ticket holders
  2. unfortunately the begining of the end of the bolton league
  3. fester58


    just don't get what leach brings to the team,hes average at best will never bowl a side out on a turning wicket, if hes the best in the country then we will never be the no1 test team in the world. don't think he'd get 50 wickets in Bolton league
  4. that bastard pro of ours,anybody want a pro that cant bat or bowl.
  5. originally had tickets in west stand but swapped for il3 front row at miss festers request
  6. first season back and miss festers 1st season, really enjoyed it, think the football has been frustrating at times and excellent in others, a few more strong signings, keep santos is a must for me and we could be pushing for playoffs at a push automatic , so good away days in this league, personally hope morecambe dont go. gutted crewe have gone, miss fester has enjoyed it. season tickets purchased for next season. just hope the whites hotel dont fuck up with reflections, and the club continue to improve the pre match experience.
  7. big away following, batter these, traff gordon/senior jones aimson johnston john sadlier mj morley baka charles
  8. hes not a 10, likes better coming in on the left, with us having nothing to play for, as a club there in a position to experiment for next season, not saying it will work, but hes either on the bench or upfront with charles for me.
  9. time to build and experiment for next season, trafford senior jones santos johnston dapo/gordon dempsey morley sadlier baka dadi yes thats right dapo as a wing back,sounds bonkers but hopefully spend more time in the opposition half than our own, give senior a run in the team coukd well be the answer to fossey, its time to see if he can make the grade
  10. fester58

    Wigan (A)

    for me give adam senior the role for the rest of the season, lets see what he can do, could save us a few quid if it comes of, and play morley,dempsey and sadlier as a midfield 3.
  11. me and miss fester have signed up west stand ultras for us.
  12. for me that was the best away game of the season, easy to get to on the train, beltin away end,my only slight gripe was the pubs missed out on a fortune with the lack of staff they had, also a note to the lady sering behind the bar in the brunswick,it was much appreciated for you not to wear a bra 💖 for me the midfield is the issue looks like he tries to play 3 midfielders in a diamond, leaving morley to do the graft on his own. get dapo up top with dion and 3 midfielders morley,dempsey and sadlier for me.
  13. with all the time wasting and shit housing tactics applied by morecambe was the reason the celebration of an equaliser.
  14. thats the last time i remember us playing them apart from the fa cup a few years ago,
  15. 7-2 for the whites, 16500 on,
  16. fester58

    MK Dons (A)

    to be honest the whole of mk is fuckin souless, iam just not a lover of modern stadiums, give me a accrington over a milton keynes anyday.
  17. fester58

    MK Dons (A)

    got to be said what a god awful place milton keynes is. all roundabouts and straight roads, and all chained eateries. a slightly posser version of skem, not keen on there ground either another souless bowl, some of them seats must have never been sat in, they were better than us, we were poor and look flat. would like a midfield 3 of morley,dempsey and sadlier. think the later hasnt had the minutes his performances have shown so far. dion and dapo upfront. next season if we are going to play the same way a few more defenders with confidence with the ball at there feet.
  18. fester58

    MK Dons (A)

    i see where all in the lower tier tomorrow, 9-10 from bolton for me and miss fester
  19. need a new idiot magnet, bwfc the piss boiling whites
  20. i dont disagree, with that, hes been superb for us since signing, when we play a midfield 3 hes too far back from the other 2 protecting the centre halves, leading us to get over run at times, but he still plays at tough places like mk on saturday, when we play teams like morecambe or accy at home play salier,demps and morley
  21. fester58

    MK Dons (A)

    still thinking about it,with miss fester, £65 for rattler,another shit out of town ground rushing back to station and rail replacement buses, came back from london last friday to me 24 hours on train with a night chucked in,in hanley fuck me what a place, makes the griffin and balmoral look like the ritz
  22. i think the walk up crowds have been decent this season and while this run continues think it will only improve
  23. like a younger jamie vardy to me, a proper ratter up front, never gives the defence a minute and can finish. early days but he looks a bargain at 300k.
  24. 9-50 train for fester and miss fester, building sandcastles on the beach, hopefully cadge a lift home. train home looks horrendous, plus wigan coming back from stoke, could be a war zone
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