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  1. Was a belting pre match pub in the-seventies
  2. Army?? Can they not just shoot-to-kill the fuckers - they wont have to worry about jabs then
  3. Are we now just a left back missing from last seasons team??
  4. Assume you have never tried Daubhill Asda - you need full HazMat gear in there
  5. looking on twitter loads of good comments from the Spammers
  6. I am in the "get him in on trial" camp - no brainer for me - the lad showed plenty of skill an eye for goal and took a pretty good free kick until sweaty kicked him out See how he shapes up on the training ground and pre season friendlies
  7. especially when surely they all have a taxi driver in the family who can help out
  8. Cant remember last friendly I did - maybe a testimonial match against some jocks, but missing football and the social involvement means I am up for quite a few of these
  9. Any Blackpool season ticket holder who wants a Wembley ticket has got one - now on sale to All remaining tickets will now be made available for sale to non-season ticket holders who have purchased the most iFollow passes, both at home and away, throughout the course of the 2020/21 season.
  10. Cummins is a scruffy Twat - Does one not wear a suit and tie when invited to an enquiry?
  11. FOOTBALL AT LONG LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont care who we play and where it will be good to actually get to a game again
  12. I see Wigan are reportedly interested in Zem Karracan Looks like the new owner is going to be splashing the cash around as much as the pie eating bastards thought
  13. Sounds like a night in the Griffin to me
  14. Being in my sixties I just cant get my head around all this shit - I am sure its mostly because people now think its trendy in majority of cases
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