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  1. There must be some plan if we sell out - we cant be turning folk away when we will have 3.5k empty seats in south stand
  2. looking at the plan now - apart from single seats - there looks to be no more than 250 seats remain in upper tiers
  3. Pity we arent playing your Red Army - eh Rog Surely they would have brought 30k or so
  4. Table I am looking at has Rotherham in bottom half 3 - 1
  5. Be disappointed not to reach 20k We have 15k home against MK Rotherham will bring 2k Surely cheap tickets and exiting football with a chance of going top should at least pull 3k ??
  6. Who are these tossers commentating on Bolton FM
  7. Had same issue - just emailed ticket office and they issued new season ticket and client ref number
  8. Worse than that was Burton coach on the touchline with a white shirt and blue shorts on
  9. You do know there is a railway station at the ground??
  10. Does this forum need re-naming Stretford F*****g Ways??
  11. Also do we know he can be re-called??
  12. Was it Amoo - or something like that
  13. Wasnt there 8 changes tonight ??
  14. Are you having a laugh?? A point would be a good result at home to Burton??
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