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  1. I think the fact that they are concentrating surge testing on a mosque and asian wedding venue says a lot, as well as Bolton Council stating the Indian variant prevalent in Bolton has been traced back to people returning to Bolton via India
  2. Surely Wigan were only relegated because the points deduction kicked in at end of last season - would have finished mid table without the deduction??
  3. Phil Neal came on in his place if I remember correctly
  4. That explains it - saw him on facebook with a spuds shirt on
  5. Isnt he a Tottenham fan??
  6. Apart from the last one we WON
  7. Why dont you go and support one of these other clubs then
  8. Did you want it for free??
  9. The cunt is worse than a coppers nark
  10. Thogden should definitely be charged with something - but not sure being an annoying little twat is an offence
  11. Points deduction coming up - or a lot of clubs who have had points deducted are going to be claiming them back
  12. Are you Kieran Lee or Ian Evett?? I would imagine only those two would have any idea at the moment if he wont play through injury
  13. This is OUR cup final - win and the prize is ours!!!
  14. Mentioned on twitter Thog tart and Thog nonce were in the ground for the game
  15. So Sky show any games next week??
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