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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. been reported as about 3.5k Boro putting bastards at 10k ish for a team with 1 leg in PL - shithouses
  2. Agree but hes english - doesnt fit the premier league template
  3. bwfc2003

    Chester FC

    Only if u described the location incorrectly, as say Blackburn
  4. I wish he would fukc off and disconnect with our club - the southern ponce
  5. What the fcuk is with the overloads and offensives you are going on about - have you converted to Yank??
  6. Just when you thought Bolton FM couldnt get any worse - where the fcuk did they get this commentator from
  7. If there is one game I want Burnley to win its against the red scum
  8. BURTON Albion say they expect next week’s clash with Wanderers to go ahead despite their Boxing Day fixture being postponed. Interesting they also state "A rearranged date for the fixture will be confirmed in due course and fans are asked to retain tickets until the new date is announced. Refunds will then be issued to anyone unable to attend the new date.
  9. My thoughts exactly - and when you think about it - semi-pros who also have a proper job are doing a lot more mixing than the pampered PL players And the stretford rags reported as only having 7 players available - out of a squad of about 60!!!
  10. Why dont you just fuck off roger as far away as possible
  11. They reckon thats all they were given - tosspots
  12. I think hes stopped going because of membership scheme and/or Covid passport
  13. They might beat the first man though
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