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  1. me plus 2 booked in the holiday inn next door 2 the away end
  2. anyone surprised...rabbits in the headlights.Sadly
  3. Fantastic pictures.........its what drew me to Bolton.Remember 36,000 v spurs fa cup replay,bobby moore being sent off v fulham league cup tie,39000 v luton fa cup 6th round and Newcastles 17000 away fans in the embankment in a crowd of 46000 fa cup....ahhh those WERE the days!!!!
  4. They dont deserve any away fans...at those prices.Me plus 2 wont be attending!!
  5. Looks like putting a point across on here annoys some folk.....how sad
  6. Jussi HAS 2 make way for Al-Habsi next year.....Owen needs to be brave and let Jussi go/subs bench.Bogdan is the future ...Al-Habsi should be the number one.We never see him dropping clangers for wigan...in fact he always seems to be performing excellently ....
  7. Awesome vid...went to 'em all....that was when we all got real excited at getting into the 3rd stage!!!.........what a difference now. Still, all adrenaline pumping action only for heartbreak to strike.
  8. Great tribute and observance beforehand.....extremely dissappointing football that followed.
  9. Big Mak has joined Riga in tnhe "utter dross" category.Indeed both would struggle to get a game on Stanley Park let alone Goodison
  10. Quality first and second choice keepers sown up for the next four years......now for the rest of the team!!
  11. Dale for me.About time their long suffering fans had a promotion to cheer
  12. Bang on We could do with being the lowest pricest ticket in the premiership.(Good selling point)If we can generate such away interest with free coaches that made such a difference to our performances then something equally bold needs to be tried for home games. Bums on seats even at such a cheaper cost is better than embarassing empty swathes of seats at our home gates......especially followed by "Your Support Is FUC.....King Shit"!! Marketed right as we have seen at Chelsea.....with the free coaches has captured the imagination of the fans. N.B. COULD YOU IMAGINE IF WE COULD MAKE 3 OR 4 TOP CLASS SIGNINGS ON TOP OF THE PRICING STRUCTURE,WHAT VOLUME OF SUPPORT WE WOULD HAVE??? Here's hoping...........
  13. I believe thats when HELL freezes over!!!
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