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  1. Short notice but we’ve got a match ticket (face value) and Manc to Rotherham return train ticket going spare. Trains 10.18 from Manc to Sheffield, open return Sheffield to Rotherham, 18.11 Sheffield to Manc coming back, all for a bargain £13!
  2. Got a spare ticket if anyone wants it, we're in Hanley supping, face value??
  3. Reet, for info, Preston plod are planning their normal big game plan tomorrow, which is sticking away fans int pub five mins from station (probably Assembly) then busses to the ground. If that's your cup of tea fine, if not either get there early or use your brains at the station. Personally I wouldn't fancy hours in there. Plus they're likely to stick you on said busses when they decide, not you!
  4. Out Sunday from Liverpool so on the beer at 5.00am, back Monday morning!
  5. In plus 3 - lydiate (ignore the preston bit!), lytham, leyland and a salford whites on tour!!
  6. Yep, five at 09.41 and two more at 11.45 precisely, email confirmations received for em both, plus only had four S/Ticks for the first five!
  7. Train tickets have now gone, Flying Scotsman suggestion did the trick!
  8. Quite correct - for avoidance of doubt they are for Saturday, you could always have a day in the Flying Scotsman!
  9. Update - match tickets have now gone - ta very much to EyesRight and Skinner! Will accept £40 for the 3 train tickets from Manc including tube tickets, shame to see em go to waste!
  10. Reet, booked the train for four of us to go on the Saturday before they changed the game to Friday which none of us can do. Courtesy of Charlton I've four match tickets available for £15 each as looking to recoup some of the £148 we'll lose! Also if anyone fancies treating any of their loved ones to a day out in London on the Saturday the train tickets are also available. 3 day returns from Manchester including all zones day travel cards for the tube - need to travel together. Depart Piccadilly 08.35, arrive Euston at 11.05. Depart London Euston 18.20, arrive Manchester at 20.42. Pre booked seats on both journeys. Will accept £60 for the 3. Now for the tricky one... 1 day return from Liverpool (no travel card). Depart Lime Street at 08.47, arrive Euston at 11.05. Depart London Euston 18.33, arrive Liverpool at 20.52. Pre booked seat on both journeys. Will accept £10. Anyone interested pm me, willing to drop em off in Bolton ish area. Ta in advance
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