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  1. Quick question - am sure someone on here will know - came up in a recent conversation Apart from Liam Richardson (Wigan ) what other ex Wanderers players are current Managers in English football and indeed in other Leagues internationally ?
  2. With so many games moved for TV I agree will make little difference Be interesting to see how this evolves and if any of the smaller clubs start talking of moving evening Kick offs to the afternoon In a way Reminiscent of the three day week in 1974 when sunday games were first introduced to spread electricity demand and a few weeks later when we had to play Southampton in an FA Cup game at Burnden Park on a weekday afternoon Don't think so many people had ever before wagged school on the same afternoon Club were happy to cash in - had to pay full adult prices to get in as officially kids were banned from attending that day
  3. Totally deluded Cant blame the Hemmings family for wanting to cut their losses and sell up 3 generations of PNE fans have had precious little to celebrate - the highlight of their achievements being watching defeats to us in 2001 and then again 4 years later to West Ham in Championship play off finals 12 million a year to keep the merry go round turning slowly round and round How much better the Roller Coaster ride of following BWFC Must be awful to look over to ALL your local rivals - Blackpool Blackburn Burnley Bolton and even Oldham and Wigan who all achieved Premiership Football and in some cases European Football, and finding all there is to look forward to is wearing a plastic bowler hat next time Gentry Day comes around.
  4. Don't know If anyone is aware of this - a very sad story but worth a mention to set the record straight We all know that there were 33 victims in the Burnden Disaster Well - sort of Back in the day ( March 1946 ) there was no such thing as post traumatic stress and counselling - you just got on with things - or at least you were meant to - that was the way things were in the aftermath of the war Well sadly Robert Jones aged just 34 years old who lived in Bark Street was so traumatised by events at Burnden that day he did not get on with it - he gassed himself The Coroner recorded a suicide verdict on 15th March - 6 days after the disaster and said this "Without seeking in any way to minimise the tragedy at Burnden Park , it is difficult to understand why it should have had such an effect on this mans mind " To me he is the 34th Victim
  5. The Americans who recently acquired Burnley stipulated that in the event that Burnley were relegated from the premiership - which they were , then a sizeable chunk of the monies that they had put into the club by way of loans would immediately become due for repayment , With interest the figure was circa £70 million, so Burnley are not quite at the same competitive advantage over other championship clubs as might be imagined and as some relegated clubs have historically been with parachute payments Securing additional debt on parachute payments may well be a model more clubs owners adopt going forward
  6. Their chances of getting back into the Football League appear to be lengthening considerably Now bottom of the National League a takeover deal has fallen through and there is talk of them going into Administration which will bring with it a points deduction. https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/scunthorpe-united-at-risk-entering-7583710
  7. Am sure any fan growing up as a fan of MK Dons would be gutted But for me its the principle - the League should never have allowed it to happen ( Am not even sure as to whether League rules actually now prevent what happened with Wimbledon/ MK Dons from happening again ? ) But they did allow it -and for me that wrong will only be rectified when that club folds And then I would say to those fans If you are really committed to the cause build your own club like AFC Wimbledon / Aldershot/ Newport County Etc have had to do then you will have earned the respect of the wider football community
  8. That would mean Wednesday losing at home to Ipswich . Think at this stage of proceedings a Wednesday win or at least a draw suits us better . Ipswich next 3 games are Sheff Weds (A) Plymouth (A) and Portsmouth (H) A couple of draws in those could really tighten up the situation at the top
  9. Lets hope they cannot The owner stole a club from under the noses of its very supporters, moved it 60 miles north and renamed it No true football fan will ever lose sleep were MK Dons to fold Because of their origins they will forever top my list of Tin Pot Clubs
  10. Apologies if this has been posted before ... I dont recall seeing this previously Interesting to hear Franks views
  11. He has reinstated his twitter account and issued what is supposedly an apology Too late for that Trevor
  12. No surprise there Thought Ipswich did a good bit of business on transfer deadline day signing their striker Ahadme ( scored 5 already this season ) Hell of a job for his successor keeping them in League One
  13. Why am I not surprised by this Factional infighting going on now between the AFC Bury and the Bury FC groups With poor old Radcliffe Borough stuck in the middle https://fanbanter.co.uk/radcliffe-fc-cancel-kids-matches-as-bury-fc-fans-stage-protest-against-club-merger-proposals/ AFC Bury host North Shields in FA Cup qualifier at 1230pm - live streamed on BBC - demonstration going ahead against a merger by the anti AFC Bury brigade If these fans dont resolve their differences cannot see League football ever returning to the town
  14. I agree that the current top 6 will take some shifting - expecting most if not all of them to be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. Last season we took 6 points from 36 against the top 6 (this season so far its 1 point from 9 ) With both Portsmouth and Peterborough to come this month we cannot be going into games such as saturdays and regarding it as tough - at home we ought to be capable of picking up 3 points. Main concern for me remains our lack of goals - in our League games so far this season we have scored 5 - only Morecambe Shrewsbury Forest Green and Cheltenham have scored fewer , that is where our problems are . Needs improving quickly - starting on saturday
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