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  1. Hi Malcolm Am quite well read on football in this era , and had never seen this before As i understood it from 1898 onwards when the League was increased to 18 clubs the Football League adopted something called the "Fletcher System" to set the fixtures so as to avoid having clubs from the same City being at home on the same day ( Nottingham Sheffield, Liverpool & Manchester etc ) and to give individual clubs the opportunity of maximising gate receipts and keep a regular income coming in. The thought that clubs set their own fixtures was news to me I thought maybe 1908 was a one off , but having had a quick look, the Football League met at the end of May and the full fixtures were then published a couple of days later. All the fixtures you mention as being determined by the clubs cannot possibly be correct - they were all set by the League. You can see below the fixtures for the Christmas / New Year period, as published in early June.(extract below) There were no fan friendly or money options - the fixtures were the fixtures ? Unless you can enlighten me
  2. I see Fleetwood Town have the honour of being our opponents as the club will no doubt mark the 100th anniversary of " The Lads of '23 " winning one of the most iconic games in English Football History. Got some good vibes about this centenary - its surely scripted that we mark the occasion by taking another significant step back to where we belong.
  3. Following the collapse of the Greenland Ice Sheet in 2029 and the sea level rises that followed, Everton Directors admit that with the benefit of hindsight it was a mistake to relocate to Bramley Moor on Liverpool Dockside, but they deny this was a "foreseeable event" at the time construction commenced. After playing there for just 3 seasons they are forced to abandon the stadium , and when in 2031 the Football Authorities bring in a new "10 metre" sea level rule they are thrown out of the League altogether when ground sharing is totally banned.. They are joined by West Ham, Bristol City, QPR, Doncaster, Blackpool, Lincoln, Fulham, Portsmouth , Millwall, Norwich, Ipswich , Hull, Southampton, Fleetwood, Scunthorpe, Morecambe and Grimsby.
  4. For pure nostalgia for anyone who watched football in the 70s and early 80s this is an excellent Granada TV documentary and my favourite has to be the 3 part BBC 2 series "Busby Shankley and Stein" narrated by the excellent Hugh Mcilvanney Here is a link to part one
  5. No you are not wrong I can see where you are coming from I am looking at what was Alexander Howden Group Limited through which their Uk brokerage traded https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/00210725 I can see you are looking at what was Alexander Howden Group PLC
  6. Have not posted on here for a good while , but log on most days to have a mooch and keep myself up to date. Have to say I find this shirt quite fascinating and have never seen one before and thanks for posting It did get me thinking You see far from being small time, Alexander Howden Group came into existence in late 1984 when Alexander Howden Insurance Brokers changed their name. So the earliest this shirt dates from is December 1984 I worked in the Insurance Industry from the mid 80s through to early 90s and knew of them Even in the mid 80s they were a decent size outfit - in 1986 for example -quick check at companies house - turnover was £55 million So whilst yes it could have been a kit for some obscure game they sponsored , or maybe they bought a batch of our shirts, given the timing - our kit changed again as someone has pointed out at the start of the 1985/6 season when we renewed sponsorship with HB Electronics- could it have an alternative explanation ? Could it be one of a batch mocked up for Howdens as we were at the time in discussions with them as potential sponsors ? The club was in deep financial trouble at the time, desperate for cash and was always on the lookout for new opportunities - mean to say they did the normid deal just 12 months later I dont have an answer , but throw this up as a possibility because 12 years later in 1997 with turnover over £100 million Alexander Howden Group changed their name again - to one most people are familiar with particularly as football shirt sponsors - AON Limited How different our history may have been had they sponsored us back then and we had never got into bed with Normid - we could still have been playing at Burnden Park ! Anyway - its pure speculation but I do hope someone can give us a definitive answer on this shirts origin BTW http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Bolton_Wanderers/Bolton_Wanderers.htm is a useful source of information on our kit & sponsors
  7. RIP Neil To his family my condolences In setting up this Website Neil created a go to place for thousands of Wanderers fans to catch up on news and to share views from wherever in the world they happen to be. In so doing he contributed massively to the cause that is BWFC For that we are forever grateful
  8. Good to see this site coming back to life It looks as though the creditors that have been hanging around since we entered admin have finally been paid off as was part of the purchase agreement when FV took over As of yesterday we are no longer under any sort of embargo - at least according to the EFL website we are not https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes Anybody confirm this ?
  9. This is a good topic Paul These tinpot clubs that you refer to (and by my definition there will be 11 in the league next season) are for the most part a consequence of allowing automatic promotion to and relegation from the EFL, and as such are a relatively new phenomena, but are they good for the underlying health of the EFL ? By my definition these "Nouvelle Tinpot" are clubs whose only ambition once they have got into the EFL is to stay there by whatever means they can , existing on paltry gates that have little hope of rising substantially if they are successful and often supported by a local benefactor.They are often in areas with little or no tradition of football supporting or are in areas already saturated with professional clubs. Morecambe is the classic example - existing on the lowest of league gates and having sat in league 2 for something like 15 years - success for them is survival. I would define Sutton United, Harrogate, Salford , Forest Green Rovers, Fleetwood, Crawley, Stevenage , Burton, Morecambe and Accrington as Tin Pot , whilst MK Dons because of the way they morphed into existence have to be the biggest tinpot club of them all. When you consider that this season the EFL has lost a well supported club like Grimsby and Southend and the likes of Chesterfield Hartlepool , Notts County, Stockport , Torquay Wrexham and York are already in the National League - often through mismanagement by club owners - is this automatic promotion / relegation a good thing ? For the fans of phoenix clubs such as Bury, Chester and Halifax there has to be hope of a route back to the EFL. What have the likes of Barnet, Boston , Dagenham , Maidstone , Rushden and Macclesfield contributed to the EFL during the time they were in it ? Am not against some sort of promotion - the return of Newport Barrow AFC Wimbledon is in my opinion for the good of the game , but as more of these tinpot clubs establish themselves in the EFL , I wonder if they should go back to some sort of re - election to determine who is in and who is out ?
  10. Am not reading anything into it My guess is that nearly 2 years on most of the post takeover legal work which is an awful lot of what his job entailed is completed and there is not a lot to do to at the club that keeps him interested going forward The lad is young and ambitious and will make far more money in a Sports Law Department at a decent commercial law firm - the experience with BWFC will look good on his CV and has certainly suited the club So - bit of a non story in my opinion
  11. There you go - their main forum https://www.brfcs.com/forums/topic/34882-rovers-v-rotherham/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-2203993
  12. Excellent Post At times like this its also good to see how others now see us This from a Blackburn Rovers fan sums it up perfectly for me - we should all hold our heads up high ... "To be fair....I would have liked Bolton to be promoted....and, over the years nobody has disliked them more than I have .....the reason being ... they hit the wall, they were ruined by dreadful ownership, they were left with nothing .....but pride in the shirt, a local owner, a decent, progressive manager and 15,000 gate next season ( Covid permitting) gives them a soul ....something we , at Ewood , can only dream of... " .
  13. ......... Wont be for the faint hearted though 94th Minute Matt Gilks header ( a la Jimmy Glass ) 1-0 COYWM
  14. Morecambe have issued a statement asking fans not to gather at the ground tomorrow https://www.morecambefc.com/news/2021/april/club-statement-morecambe-v-bolton-wanderers/
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