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  1. Morecambe have issued a statement asking fans not to gather at the ground tomorrow https://www.morecambefc.com/news/2021/april/club-statement-morecambe-v-bolton-wanderers/
  2. Those of you raising a glass to Frankie this afternoon - please have a read of this that I saw on twitter earlier Very sad situation his wife now finds herself in https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/frank-worthingtons-widow-carol-facing-20396900 Something worth supporting
  3. What year was this ? Fascinating picture Some of the crowd on the roof look like they have turned round to wave at the UFO hovering behind them .
  4. Excellent idea - am sure with a bit of time someone could set up a just giving page buy a suitable award(s) and donate the leftovers to that BWFC remembrance group. And organise a poll And while we are at lets have two other categories (1) A lifetime achievement award ( all decent awards ceremonies have one ) - to show these ex players we still remember them while they are still with us and (2) A current season award for contributions to BWFC off the pitch - by way of example I would nominate that Ifollow commentator Derek Clark - was not keen at first but he's gro
  5. Would be most interested to see the order of service on here at some time If you come by a copy ... just cant begin to think as to what songs they will send Frankie off with ...
  6. Yes - projectors are great - done it all season - watch it on a 4.5m x 2m screen linked to a laptop at my mates - he has a cinema room - no trouble at all - unless a problem with Internet
  7. Have you tried "One Nil to the Wanderers ... One Nil to the Wanderers ... " Flows so much better if you are singing it - reckon the Missus might appreciate it
  8. Not at all ..... tonight I am celebrating being mathematically safe from falling into the National League ☺️
  9. Some decent goals on here from his Leicester days ...
  10. Here is the best obituary you will read about Frank written by the best Football Journalist in the business ( in my opinion ) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/b351a1f0-8bcc-11eb-8f69-0367b6f4fca7?shareToken=0ebabbbe700952ae8aeb41180546b947
  11. Gary Bowyer Appointed https://salfordcityfc.co.uk/gary-bowyer-appointed-manager-23032021/
  12. So Sad, So very , very sad My all time favourite Bolton Player Absolute Legend And he was a real maverick
  13. Sounds like replacement lined up looking at the odds - Gary Bowyer straight in at 1/2
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