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  1. When you throw into this that his predecessor Liam Richardson was sacked within weeks of signing a new 3 year deal less than 3 months ago - that's an awful lot of compensation to ex managers racked up inside the last 3 months Then you think about players wages paid late 3 times, FA Sanctions now in place and having to deposit money into a separate designated bank account and the story in the press that the owner wants to sell up this surely has all the makings of administration all over again ?
  2. Folks saying its the biggest all time shock in Scottish cup football Got to say have never heard previously of their opponents
  3. Just worth a mention ( only picked up on this from the thread a few weeks back - Founder Member Question) Providing none of our next 3 league games are postponed this will be our 5000th league game ( if my maths is correct ) and we will become the 5th club to reach that milestone
  4. Was not really surprised by the result yesterday - disappointed with the manner of our defeat yes Don't think we will have a tougher game until the play offs Would expect a couple more "off" performances in the coming weeks - and i think its very much down to the way Evatt sets his team/ squad up to play With 2 outgoing and the injury to Bodvarrson and 3 incomings so far and maybe a couple more to come i just think its inevitable our performances take a dip until he works out the correct blend to play the way he wants his teams set up and the incoming players learn whats expected of them Therein lies the crux of the issue i have with Evatt and I have made comparisons between him and Phil Neal in the past. I think both have failed to get the best out of the squads they have had at their disposal. At this level its not about trying to outthink your opponents - the teams that are successful outfight them - and that is what we lack and that is where our promotion rivals have the advantage over us - and that is why i am fearful for our chances in the play offs - assuming we reach them.
  5. Interesting - its being reported locally "It’s believed a number of clubs - at home and abroad - higher up the food chain have come forward to muddy the waters." Well If I read that correctly it means Leeds are considering offers and he could instead end up going to any one of 23 Championship clubs, 17 first division clubs and at least 9 League two clubs
  6. Thing is after the games you mention we dusted ourselves down got up and we went again You need to look at it in context it was not just the football - in fact the football was irrelevant - the fact was at the time the clubs staff (not just players ) were going unpaid , relegation which was now all but mathematically certain reduced the chances of us finding a buyer, there was openly talk of liquidation ,you had newspaper headlines along the lines of - will the last one to leave turn the lights off. We were a laughing stock and we actually faced the real prospect of having no club to support. People were rightly angry - that's why for me it was the lowest point in the 50 years i have watched them
  7. To see us returning to Pride Park tomorrow with such a decent following and so much to be positive about draws a line once and for all under the Anderson era and all the shit that went with it. Well remember being there for that 4-0 drubbing that effectively relegated us to League one with 4 games to go and a guy in his mid / late 20s sobbing his heart out and us trying to console him by saying things could be a whole lot worse - little did we realise how much worse they were abut to get. Could not bring myself to go to any of the few games that remained that season and of course a short time later we had the Brentford game that was postponed and all the fun and games of Administration that followed. Have witnessed many relegations over the years and the likes of Scarborough and Stoke but for me it reached an all time low that afternoon
  8. He has got the job https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/64330259
  9. Well remember that game -as someone else said for a youngster it was a frightening experience being in the Lever end at the start of that match When they scored there were loads of their fans in the Manchester Road Stand corner block where it merged into the Wing Stand and it kicked off there - think that was our first home defeat in best part of a year This picture popped up on twitter a while ago and my first thoughts were of that Luton game
  10. As i understand it yes - the figures i quoted are per club per round its all on the link https://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/prize-fund
  11. Taken in isolation i think most people would say Crikey at the very least There is however a lot of smoke and mirrors going on - that breakdown is just to calculate the visiting teams share of gate receipts Accrington would have additional income from car parking, refreshment sales, programme sales, hospitality,match sponsorship etc - might not amount to a great deal but all helps. As they won that tie they get £67000 prize money plus the £41000 they got for winning their first round tie ( as indeed did Barnet ) They also have a chance when they finally get around to playing their 3rd round home tie against Boreham wood of picking up a further £105000 if they win, and a possible 4th round home tie against Leeds or Cardiff Whilst I like Accy's chairman for his forthright views on certain matters when it comes to financial matters he has his own agenda as evidenced by his constant moaning of not getting a greater share of money from clubs with large numbers of ifollow subscribers. They really ought to focus on getting more bums on seats instead of the constant bleating
  12. Cant help but wonder if this fixture could, given the opposition, attract our biggest ever Ifollow viewing figures ? Anybody know what is our best ifollow match viewing figure to date ?
  13. See it kicked off in Brussels last night (which has a large immigrant population of Moroccan descent) after Morocco beat Belgium https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/11/27/brussels-sees-riots-after-morocco-beats-belgium-at-world-cup
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