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  1. All tied up pal them ones, just 2 lads need one that’s all
  2. Hi all, I don’t suppose any has or knows anyone with any spare ST references. Couple in our group need them for Accrington tickets tomorrow and happy to pay for the privilege. Would be a great help.... Thanks!
  3. Prob sell 2.5-3k max, never that well attended this fixture. Hopefully sell more with some good results over the next few games!
  4. This must be a windup surely ????????????
  5. Same problems as the above, one of our lot bought 23 Barnsley tickets on open sale yesterday and only needed one ST client ref so that’s 22 peiple who are going and can’t prove it. Should have just stuck wigh Away season ticket holders ... then season ticket holders first come first serve, unless they want to implement a proper cap system (not needed). Guarantee that website will not recognise it or fuck up come Monday
  6. I went down to the shop to get tickets at 4pm yesterday, there was 5 tickets left and I bought 4 so presume it will be sold out now..
  7. In Tomski’s defence, that doesn’t make a difference, as we wouldn’t get any money as a club for our Away tickets at Leeds Away for example?
  8. Not advocating potting managers all of the time, but this isn't going to change under Parkinson unfortunately. This would be the ideal time to cut ties, couple of weeks to find a replacement and actually gives someone time to have a good go of it. Maybe the new manager effect may get something more out of them. Did what was asked of him last season, but time to move him on now IMO
  9. 3 spare train tickets for this if anyone interested?
  10. This. Finished significantly ahead of them and beat them home and away 2-0 last season. Yet struggled 1-1 against them away in august and they are picking for up points just fine with a significantly smaller wage budget. Money excuses void
  11. I'd go with: Alnwick Little Burke. Wheater Taylor Derik. King Pratley Ameobi (if fit) Noone Madine/ALF Bit more solid, rather play king he was alright at West Ham and nothing he can't do that's Cullen can.
  12. Last season 51 points was required to stay up... that is something like 14 wins and 9 draws. Do we have that in us?
  13. Never looked like scoring, and rarely threatened all game.Central midfield is a big problem, far too lightweight and weak, going to get bullied in the middle every week. I honestly do not see what Karacan offers, at least a yard off the pace and chasing shadows all game. Long season ahead ????
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