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  1. Hi all, Long time WW member Sam Graber (Eyes Right) and Chorley Whites are participating in a sleepout at the stadium on Friday night before the Ipswich game. This will entail sleeping in the stadium from 8pm to 8am braving the elements in the name of charity in conjunction with the club. His business Elegant Bedrooms is also match sponsor the day after and going straight from this to the box. I have attached links to the just giving page and also a video that Sam did at his shop with Bolton in the community. Any donations however small would be greatly appreciated! https://fb.watch/j5Asx-Je0u/ https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/elegant-bedrooms?utm_source=copyLink&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=elegant-bedrooms&utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_term=0593003b797d4938b1c9c973acfdbf57
  2. Looking a lot more likely for June onwards now isn’t it
  3. It’s actually draining how negative you are, actually seems like you are enjoying it...
  4. That isn’t an exit strategy... it’s clearly what we all want but at what point does a decision have to be made is what I am asking. Eg what if it is the same position in may next year? Some industries will be beyond repair by then. At the end of the day, peiple just want to see consistency and would be more inclined to comply with the regulations. Rather than making snap decisions based on no scientific evidence and unreliable data.
  5. “Hoping” being the key word... it’s pretty clear we won’t be any further on in 6 months. The economy is on its arse, at some point they will have to make a decision and just crack on. Not keep locking down at every sort of rise of “cases”. What is the exit strategy, zero cases/zero deaths? Not happening and a vaccine isn’t guaranteed to be around or even work effectively. Worrying.
  6. All tied up pal them ones, just 2 lads need one that’s all
  7. Hi all, I don’t suppose any has or knows anyone with any spare ST references. Couple in our group need them for Accrington tickets tomorrow and happy to pay for the privilege. Would be a great help.... Thanks!
  8. Prob sell 2.5-3k max, never that well attended this fixture. Hopefully sell more with some good results over the next few games!
  9. This must be a windup surely ????????????
  10. Same problems as the above, one of our lot bought 23 Barnsley tickets on open sale yesterday and only needed one ST client ref so that’s 22 peiple who are going and can’t prove it. Should have just stuck wigh Away season ticket holders ... then season ticket holders first come first serve, unless they want to implement a proper cap system (not needed). Guarantee that website will not recognise it or fuck up come Monday
  11. I went down to the shop to get tickets at 4pm yesterday, there was 5 tickets left and I bought 4 so presume it will be sold out now..
  12. Fantastic pal, one of best cities I’ve been to (and been to some great places). So much to do and the weather was a great place from the Baltic conditions when left. Food and drink and nightlife brill aswell. Would highly recommend a visit to anyone considering a city break in Europe!
  13. In Tomski’s defence, that doesn’t make a difference, as we wouldn’t get any money as a club for our Away tickets at Leeds Away for example?
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