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  1. Because we couldn’t get anyone we wanted? And because ALF didn’t want to stay.
  2. When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. That's the market we've been in for the last few years. And I'm not sure it's the coaches fault that they can't polish a turd, most people would struggle.
  3. I’ve watched it again and still think he shinned it. Wait til the last angle of the goal on this..
  4. That Villa goal was a bit lucky wasn't it? He shinned it rather than putting his laces through it - if he'd hit it properly, he wouldn't have scored. Yeboah's goals were class but for a proper skillful volley, you can't beat Di Canio's scissor kick vs Wimbledon.
  5. Keeper signed.. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2018/august/bolton-wanderers-sign-remi-matthews-on-loan/
  6. Klopp seems to rate him very highly so you might be right... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/nathan-phillips-liverpool-jurgen-klopp-14989216
  7. Someone's lying then. Sky says the meeting was taking place in the evening but KA stating that meeting took place in the afternoon. I know who I believe.
  8. Wasn’t expecting that. Brave move by Parky http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/wanderers/16274028.Parkinson_swings_the_axe_on_three_senior_stars_at_Wanderers/
  9. And that is why I fucking love Bolton Wanderers! I’d have taken 21st place at the start of the season. COYFWM!!
  10. Clough is Vela’s catnip. Josh was a different player when he came on, buzzing around all over the place. We must start with Ameobi up top and Clough and Vela behind him against Fulham. Brilliant result last night.
  11. Am I imagining it or did we not play most of the first half of last season with Vela, Clough and Ameobi up top and we played some great football. It was doom and gloom when Clough left, but PP changed our formation to accommodate Madine up top as a lone striker and it didn’t work quite as well but got us up. Can’t remember who it was but we smashed someone 4 0 at home (live on Sky) and played some cracking football. Not sure why people are getting so worked up about Madine going, for once we’ve come out of a deal on top and I’m sure PP will work his magic again...
  12. That is a strange appointment - preparing for Championship life?
  13. I'm guessing Turner won't be going to United, they've just signed an 18yo keeper from Leeds.
  14. How many division 1 or championship clubs use Deloitte? For all we know, KA has manoeuvred us out of a costly contract for a more affordable one within our budget. But until there's hard evidence, its all just speculation and whispers.
  15. Wheater bya country mile for me. Committing to the club on reduced wages pre-season and then putting in solid consistent performances in for the whole season. He's not only showed what a player he is, he's also showed that footballers aren't all about the money. Just hope his head doesn't get turned if boro are relegated and come calling for him. Get him signed up ASAP please Ken!
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