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  1. RIP Rembrandt, love to your loved ones and God Bless
  2. What I sort of meant was they looked as likely to score as we did. And being down to 10 men didn't really bother them
  3. They didn't just hit us on the break in the first half, they played us off the park IMHO. We put more pressure on them in the second half but we never made the extra man count really, which is a worry. Early days, keep the faith
  4. Seriously, if folk think Feeney is a problem then they either don't go, don't watch or are influenced by yoof who slag him off because he's not Messi. Get an absolute fucking grip, he's our most effective player by a mile, he's not perfect but he's usually left to hang out to dry because he's on the opposing touch line ready to put a cross in but there's nobody in the box, or even over the half way line. For all the haters, just say who'd you replace him with that would make us better. Usual boo boy bollocks, let's have a pop at the one player who actually wants the ball, twas ever thus. We are not good, fair enough, lay off Feeney, he is good at this level, slagging him off brings to mind titanic and lifeboats.
  5. The Heaton / Harwood massive's plan is basically go to Leeds but don't go to the game, if this is of interest let me know through the usual secret channels ..!
  6. Mansfield Town 1- 2 Wimbledon, the year Wimbledon won the cup v Liverool. Randomist, or just finding somewhere to watch football on Boxing Day was Gillingham v Barnet, 2012 or 2013? Edgar Davids played for Barnet. £26 a ticket and £3 odd for a 275mm bottle of cider/lager, cheeky bastards. Barnet won 1-0 as it goes
  7. I wouldn't dream of, nor did I intend to. We're all mightily frustrated so apologies. Just a truly shit day!
  8. They were better players, get over it
  9. Fair enough to you too But if Clough is out on his arse, and Madine is only recently on, and Feeney is still got his engine running, why is Danns for Clough so ridiculous? You didn't say this Frank, it's an open question. What bit of that substitution was so bad, and no-one has yet told me why Feeney is shit. Admittedly I'm having this discussion with people who actually go regularly
  10. What would you have done then? Clough was blowing out of his arse.
  11. He took an attacking midfielder who's just back from injury and replaced him with a defensive midfielder. We managed to fuck things up, but I'm not blaming Lennon for what seemed like a perfectly sensible change, debate around our lot at the time was it maybe should have been Davies. Saying that, Clough was just back after being injured so we sort of 'got it'. Why would you have taken Feeney off, our consistent best performer who never hides, runs all day and always puts a shift in? What is folks problem with Feeney, yes he makes the odd mistake but only because he is the only one who actually wants the ball and therefore spends more time with it than most. Loads on here think he's absolute shite, can someone please explain what they hate about him, I genuinely don't get it?
  12. There a hotel ibis just off that roundabout I think, you can pay to park on there, your car will be safe and you can get a pint in the bar. Was fairly civilised last season iirc.
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