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  1. Not been on for a bit but have been in radio contact with Salford and Blackley, what is going on? Salford have learned how to defend, Leyth have decided they're a Superleague club and are performing admirably in my view, points on the board at this stage which bodes well for them going forward. I tip my bowler to Smiffs kind words re Watko and the good Dr, I will say that the Leigh setup is first class and I hope they stick around. Never enough Lancashire teams in rugby league. As I said to blackley before though, my dream is still to avoid the middle 8's ???? No doubt we'll lose 10 points on
  2. RIP Rembrandt, love to your loved ones and God Bless
  3. Don't be daft! Follow the instructions above, buy a few box sets, read up a bit on the history of Jamaican music on wiki and fill your boots! And if you get an opportunity to shake your white ass just do so with gusto and have fun.
  4. I'll use the word genius for Les Dawson, his lugubrious delivery and brilliant use of language put him head and shoulders above his peers, and as has been rightly pointed out his influence is huge. His mother-in-law jokes were delivered with his tongue fixed firmly in his cheek, he basically subverted the genre.
  5. What I sort of meant was they looked as likely to score as we did. And being down to 10 men didn't really bother them
  6. They didn't just hit us on the break in the first half, they played us off the park IMHO. We put more pressure on them in the second half but we never made the extra man count really, which is a worry. Early days, keep the faith
  7. Certainly is and is highly recommended, but the soundtrack even stands up on its own as a snapshot of where Jamaican music was at during those times. An equivalent is Curtis Mayfield's unbelievably great Superfly soundtrack, the film captured inner city black America brilliantly but the soundtrack is arguably better than the film.
  8. If you want to listen to 'old skool' type reggae then take heed of everything Bolty said, listen to the excellent Trojan compilations as Bigtoe mentions, buy soundtrack album The Harder they Come' by Jimmy Cliff and others and if you don't like any of the above have a good look at yourself and realise that you don't actually like music basically! ???? If you do like it, anything involving Lee 'Scratch' Perry as a producer or artist, anything by Culture, Gregory Isaacs, Third World should get you started, as far as British reggae is concerned then 'Handsworth Revolution' by Birminghams excell
  9. Haha fair enough! Fair to say I've never had the urge to see the great man live, your report of the gig is fairly typical, even hardcore Dylanologists of my acquaintance have said its been a bit of a slog for the last few years. Would have loved to have seen him in his heyday though.
  10. The CD of the 'Royal Albert Hall' concert (because that's where it reputedly happened because of the London-centric music press, it was of course the Free Trade Hall in Manchester) is a beautiful thing. Speed-fuelled and antagonistic anger and bile that the cartoon punk rockers a few years later would have killed for. IMO obvs ....
  11. Prince was a genius, quality control issues I'll concede but that's because he spent every waking (non-shagging) hour making music FAO Kent, Bob Dylan may no longer be a great live act but if you're telling me that Bringing it all back home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde are self-indulgent dross I suggest you do something else that doesn't involve listening to music because you obviously don't get 'it' ???? NIC nailed it beautifully so respect to you sir
  12. And Cas beat Widnes. Interesting times ..
  13. Have I heard that Wakefield result right? Blimey! Good result for Salford yesterday in the end although we nearly contrived to blow it late on. Was flipping freezing, summer rugby, aye alreet!
  14. Warrington won that on sheer will power it looked to me, they looked dead and buried when Wigan scored early in the second. Some weird results again tonight, what the fuck has happened to Leeds?
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