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  1. Nice photo of the stadium from last night
  2. Fair criticism - I genuinely feel he’s still trying to work it out. It’s great and problematic in equal measures that he has so many options. The moaners behind me who missed both goals will get the same reminder. 😊 Good teams get results when not at their best. Very bland until the changes (albeit different ones this time), but my goodness once we get in our stride we look very good. Brilliant last 10 minutes 👏 COYFWM
  3. When it’s 4-3-3 Trafford Bradley Jones. Santos iredale Dempsey Morley Thomason Kachunga. Charles. Dapo
  4. My point was I don’t think it will be proportionate. contrast in how folk will suddenly use their “expert knowledge in systems and formations” to say how Evatt was wrong, to us winning with Bradley in and him getting praise would be stark. We regularly have this debate @Johnnyrotten I never want to stifle peoples opinion. @Lostock Whites above makes a good argument for a 4-3-3. And this is as good a place as any to do it! But I still maintain my opinion (and you are welcome to disagree) that after a defeat/poor result there’s more fans who come on claiming how it should have been done, than giving praise to the manager when we’ve won, if he’s done something that goes against fan opinion. Ok so yes I do find it hard to understand why some might choose to ignore/disagree with his statements about tactics/formations, because it helps me make sense of why he might stick with wing backs and why Dapo might play there again. Even though I hasten to add, if I was picking the team I wouldn’t have him there! As I alluded to in my predicted team earlier in the thread.
  5. Absolutely. If he plays Bradley tonight, (which IMO he should) it’s going to be a 5. Or seemingly look that way to us, despite his efforts to try and explain how this can be fluid. If we don’t win, he’ll get criticised - rightly so BTW, because it’s a game we should win. But the contrast in how folk will suddenly use their “expert knowledge in systems and formations” to say how Evatt was wrong, to us winning with Bradley in and him getting praise would be stark. My interpretation of Evatts comments yesterday are that he wants his best players receiving and using the ball in their best positions. One example is Dapo. People questioning that he doesn’t think this means Dapo getting it in that left area of the pitch and cutting in are wrong IMO. I also think this means Bradley playing on the right too, but as casino says, both these players seemingly fit better in 2 different systems. Personally I think tonight he’ll try and find a way of playing both, but in doing so, he’ll have to think about the balance of the team in attack/defence and the Implications of this with different players in different positions. He’s never come across as Dougie Freedman, a tactical deity, beyond the understanding of normal humans. Or a Coyle who went from game to game without much of a tactical plan. He’s actually gone to some lengths in trying to explain an aspect of his tactical thinking. He’s young and still learning too, so he’s not always going to get it right.
  6. Trafford Jones. Santos. Johnstone. Iredale Thomason MJ Bradley. Lee. . Dapo Charles. Trafford Jones. Santos. Johnstone. Bradley Thomason MJ Iredale Lee. Charles Dapo Probably the whole reason he doesn’t want PE teachers fucking about, taking formations too seriously. 😂. If nothing else I think it proves the point that players could/should be able to change and adapt during a game. Same players in 2 different formations
  7. With the way things went on Saturday, you’ve had a difficult job so far this season selecting teams, does that help? “Selecting teams is always difficult and some things work, some things don’t. What I will say is I don’t think people can become too focused on formations. We have an idea of what we are trying to do in possession and an idea what we try to do out of possession. “Just because on paper it looks like 3-5-2, it doesn’t really mean to easy it is going to stay like that. In games, we can rotate and move into 4-3-3, we can change and build out with four at the back, three at the back, sometimes even two. “It doesn’t really matter about formations and people shouldn’t be concentrating on it too much. The most important thing is what we are trying to do in possession, our idea of how to affect the opposition and then how we are going to press against the ball, not necessarily meaning we are going to stay in that formation for 90 minutes.” Does that change game by game? “Yes, but also players have the responsibility and the flexibility to be able to do that in game themselves. We can easily just move slightly to change into a back four or back three, there’s no issue with that and there’s no complaints from me if the players decide to do that because they feel like they’re not getting the right solutions in a certain structure. “We want the players to have the flexibility and the confidence to be able to do things and rotate and move themselves. We’ve got a clear idea of what we’re trying to do in possession and a clear idea of how to affect the opposition and also out of possession, what our idea is in the high press and high regains. “What that looks like in terms of systems is irrelevant really.”
  8. The right side of the pitch becomes a real conundrum if we go 4-3-3, because, as you say, there’s no natural position for Bradley, who has to start.
  9. Glad you enjoyed it pal Were the seats ok?
  10. Yes pretty much so. Thomason as a 6 behind Dempsey and Lee as 8’s
  11. Ok see what you are saying. There was no Bradley today. We hadn’t scored in God knows how many minutes, so he tried his preferred formation/tactics with attacking players. I can see Why he did that. It didn’t work, he changed it, we won. With Bradley back I could see why he might go with 3/5 again. Many won’t, and he’ll probably get absolute shit if he reverts back to his preferred formation. But we, as fans, shouldn't get too upset if he does.
  12. Good lad 👏. Good to see you pal COYW
  13. I’m pissed. Had a great day around Accy. So maybe I’ve completely got the wrong end of the stick. But we did go 4-3-3 and win 3-2 🤷‍♂️
  14. Where’s @Arrested development ?
  15. That’s why you shouldn’t post negative shit during a game. I nearly called you a ****. But I’ll refrain and I’ll pass it off as you being a passionate watch at home “fan” who is just letting off steam. Loving it today! Great journey with a few beers on the way here. In a great Accy pub now watching the football and Rugby. Just what away days are all about! 👏👏
  16. Adult Ticket available £26 what I paid for it. ASAP otherwise it’s 2pm at ticket office to get money back
  17. The Athletic suggesting he was on the club coach
  18. Pretty sure I’ve heard (think it was BOLTON FM) it has to be the Saturday afternoon as we are hosting the snooker that weekend too. Friday eve and Sun afternoon there are snooker sessions on, but on the Saturday snooker starts at 7pm with semi finals. The only other option would be a Monday/Midweek eve fixture
  19. As an ex-player and Bolton fan, he gets invited occasionally into the Chairmans suite. I enjoyed talking to him, we had some good conversations about the past and current team as well as other things such as The Lowry painting (there’s a copy up in there)
  20. Good stuff, that was the only question I asked earlier, glad to see you agree 👍
  21. I agree with that. Despite what some think, Evatt will be continuously thinking about personnel/tactics/formations (I read today about his thoughts on Sadlier fitting into a 4-3-3 system better) But these kinds of considerations will have other knock on affects, some of which you list above and probably plenty more that we wouldn’t even consider!
  22. I was sat next to Gordon Taylor on Saturday and was talking to him for quite a while. He talked about the PFA selling it. He was concerned the new buyers wouldn’t let it remain in The Lowry, so he’ll be pleased it can still stay there. Think he said he bought it for 1.2mill, so it’s made quite a bit, although he thought it might be 10mill plus
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