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  1. I was told to uninstall Kaspersky aswell so I emailed them before upgrading Windows and they told me to download the latest version (2010). Just enter the same license key and it should work fine.
  2. 654. Was helped out by 2 of the answers being Bolton!
  3. I downloaded something called Spotify. They stream music for free and if you wanted to keep the song, they give you the option of downloading it. It looks like iTunes so most people would be used to it. Only problem is that it's still relatively new so some albums are only available in the USA. Not bad for a piece of free software though.
  4. We've got a comedian in the house.
  5. Cheers for posting the IP and DNS records. I've found who was responsible for this and they've been banned from our forum. I'm sorry about this. Hopefully nobody else comes over and spams you because the exact same will happen to them.
  6. Completely agree with you Micky. Not that Craig cares but he's been rightly banned from here and we'll be keeping an eye on his posts on BA.
  7. I've not been around for a couple of days because of a family bereavement so don't know what has been going on. But, like Sluffy, I'd like to apologise for whatever has happened and don't want to cause any problems between Wanderers Ways and Burnden Aces. We're all Bolton fans (well...most of us ) and wherever people want to post their thoughts is fine by me and I'm sure it is with Happy.
  8. This is what she said: "She" has been banned from pretty much every forum going. I'm guessing its just a little jibe at the people who banned her on here. I like WW though so anyone, not just Natasha, who constantly badmouths this place will be spoken to.
  9. See it as you wish! I'm not like most people from this forum!
  10. Got 39 before running out of time. Missed QPR, Forest and Stoke. Three people probably should be getting.
  11. Emails have been sent to those 5. Hopefully they will be received. If not then just let me know and I will try to manually approve the accounts.
  12. Entirely up to everybody on here. Most of us are Bolton fans so we might aswell get along. I just don't want to spam this board with links to Burnden Aces as I probably wouldn't take too kind to somebody advertising their site over there.
  13. Seems I can't send PMs on here! Ani, check your junk email and if there is no link, I will validate your account. Widnes, if you want, I can delete the account and you can sign up with a different email address. Or alternatively, just sign up with a different email but under a different username.
  14. I don't really want to discuss Burnden Aces on here so for the 2 people with issues about accounts on the site, I will send PMs.
  15. Driving up Wigan Road last night, was doing a few miles over the limit and spotted a police car parked in a side street, quickly slowed down but then saw the flashing lights behind me. Pulled over and he drove past and got a van infront of me! A little relieved I was!
  16. Chelsea just come from behind to win 3-1 at Watford. Anelka hat-trick.
  17. 78 was before my time and didn't go in 2004. Will never forget the 1-0 in 2006, 7000 of us going mental. The change of emotion in those last 5 minutes was amazing.
  18. Phoned up yesterday and we'd only sold 1,000 so interest is high if they've sold another 1,000 in 24 hours. Told me we had the lower tier (4,500ish) and if the demand was still there we could have the upper tier too.
  19. Was moved a bit back wasn't it? With Stoke away moved from the following Tuesday to Wednesday.
  20. Davies' chance wouldn't have stood if it had gone in anyway. He was offside.
  21. Bullard is out of contract at the end of NEXT season.
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