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  1. Everyone must have moments when it hits them how far we've fallen. Those 10 / 15 year ago highlights that pop up are a killer. Today is a bad one for me, i used to go to the occasional crawley game as a local when they were struggling in conference with big financial problems. We lost to them today, at home, in the league. Worst thing is its not even a shock. Cant get my head round it.
  2. Ben Marshall on under the cosh has some brilliant stuff on coyle during his awful stint at Blackburn. As a podcast its a hard listen when they have 3 interviewers all trying to chip in, especially when one of them is a half cut jon Parkin. 2 hours + is also way too long.
  3. ph31

    Reading Away

    This. We are solid without the ball, dropping deep, frustrating home teams. This suits our back 4 perfectly. At times hard to watch when lumping it aimlessly but Reading never looked like scoring 2nd half. We had more of the ball 1st half; Vela, Noone and Buckley were in the game more and playing some tidy stuff. Problem being when we lost it we were exposed and they had 2 or 3 clear chances. Great to see us off to a flyer, a bit of confidence in this league and suddenly every game becomes winable
  4. We desperately need to take some confidence from that result, too many players are shit scared of the ball when we have it which means we can never retain possession. Vela should be far more involved and dictating play, he works his nuts off but rarely has the ball or really influences the match flows. Buckley has been given a fair run, we have better options. Taylor was excellent Pratley and Henry won the battle in the middle. Cardiff were woeful
  5. I was in the home end last night and agree with the positive comments, we've not looked so confident in possession for a long time. Balls were to feet rather than aimless lumps forwards and there was a good tempo to our build up play. Still missing the composure infront of goal, in the 2nd half Beckford, Clayton and Pratley all had good chances but failed to test the keeper. Maybe Lennon will give Mason his chance? I think he will link up better with Lee, Mavies and Danns. You can't blame lonerghan for the goals when he's left exposed like that. Thought Pratley was poor, too slow and clums
  6. ph31


    Our goal resulted from a corner last night and their keeper was all over the place for the few that were well delivered, with the best chances from open play falling to beckford a set piece looked our most likely chance of a goal. Not sure why Chungy took over corners from Spearing after about 70 mins, they were all poor. I think we tried 2 short corners and both failed miserably.
  7. Suprisingly comfortable win, good to see. Was impressed with Ream, although it's early days. If you watch Muamba carefully you can see why we need him, the 2nd goal came about from his typical closing down and harrying when most would have been dropping back, giving the full back time and space. Mavies showed his class again today in a 4-5-1, best player on the park. Tuncay didn't overly impress, I'd have Ryo right, petrov left as first choice.
  8. Thought I'd be able to get a ticket today easy enough for this either on the gate or online, not the case. Why do they make it so hard? It'll be half empty. Oh well.
  9. Jussi without question. With the weekly 'jussi out' topic on the forum. Jussi is widely regarded as one of the top 5 keepers in the league and rightly so.
  10. Ricky has never let us down and I'm delighted he's staying.
  11. If we could afford ?20m I'd pay it. In a season or 2 he'll be worth silly money and we'll be looking at a tidy profit.
  12. We've got the basis of a good team, just need a few additions over the summer; a keeper, 2 full backs, 2 centre halves, 3 or 4 midfielders and a couple of forwards.
  13. I've been impressed with Elmo in midfield, he's shown a willingness to play out of position BUT we have better options in all positions.
  14. Anyone notice Al Habsi in no mans land for Sunderlands 1st on sat, Jussi would have got crucified!
  15. Didn't think he had much chance with any of them on Sun, not seen any replays but listened to a good analysis of the game (guardian podcast) which praised the quality of the strikes (other than Huths which was more down to luck) and Stokes tactics. Leave Jussi alone, he's good for another season.
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