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  1. If Ipswich don't out muscle is and ref makes fair decision, we win 2-0.
  2. Nearly every player is below par at the moment loss of form / low on confidence. But there's no excuse for not putting a shift. Get Delfonso out of our club. He's played in the Premiership for God's sake. But now he's struggle in a women's football team. Total liability.
  3. Meadow Lane. Notts County.
  4. Kachunga played in the Premiership with Huddersfield. Ameachi, good pedigree, not had a proper run in the 1at team to form any opinion. Bako, the same due to injuries. Maybe you should look at players who regularly play and under perform.
  5. Add to that Kieren Lee, that's a complete midfield that's been replaced by inferior players.
  6. Both young lads learning the game. Give them a bloody chance.
  7. I don't see anything outstanding at all I this league. Rotherham top, enough said.If we could get our best 11 back I'm sure we can make the play offs.
  8. I'd be estatic with a point.
  9. Maybe Wimbledon won't be pleating when their turn comes. With case numbers in London, surely it will.
  10. Nailed on Man Utd penalty in injury time.
  11. Not long if Stockport aren't promoted this season.
  12. Sounds like you've got some inside info, spill the beans. No thought not.
  13. So are you saying that players would rather not play than get jabbed.
  14. Why don't clubs say get jabbed or you don't play, simple.
  15. We are definitely being out flight in every recent game, but not out played.
  16. What do you expect him to say, we've given up.
  17. That's progress, up to 15th. Terrible performance, every game now the opposition are no better than us, but they certainly want it more.
  18. Nailed on, someone will get injured, so he'ok be back in anyway. Captain, and all.
  19. Easy, just abandon the stupid European Conference League, crazy idea.
  20. Doyle gets hardly any service, but when he does he's got to take them. Each game he get one of two easy chances, but keeps failing to take them. At 1-0 ihe should have made it 1-1. But it was still a terrible performance.
  21. Only 4th because they brought 5,000 to their cup final.
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