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  1. tbf the entire stadium was designed around that being the away stand all along. Mad how long they’ve gone without reverting back to it
  2. Seems all the channels have had their picks now
  3. I think Wrexham being a reasonably sized club, and one who spent a disproportionately amount of time in non league in recent years compared to their history, very much counts in their favour whereas Salford are nothing more than a scaled-down English version of RB Leipzig.
  4. I’d take Ashworth ahead of John tbh
  5. Is it still regionalised? Really hope Stockport win tomorrow just to make sure we avoid any sniff of Wigan tipping us out
  6. Naturally. Although as it stands I’m supposed to be working that weekend and the wife is on her mate’s hen do!
  7. Keeper was miles off his line on both penalties Crash on M61 southbound just as I got on to the slip road. Not moved an inch since.
  8. It’s about far more than money. By the sheer nature of a club sacking their manager, it creates a vulnerability for the next man which, rightly or wrongly, doesn’t apply to IE while FV are in charge.
  9. Would expect early next week by the time they’ve sorted it all out and then they’ve got a chance to get tickets on sale before Christmas
  10. Didn’t think you were allowed anywhere near carol services
  11. Absolutely. Plus the chances of the ‘bigger’ clubs knocking each other out increases the chances of a smaller club going further
  12. Given ourselves plenty of time at each end so shouldn’t be a problem hopefully
  13. Let the ticket scramble begin.
  14. Didn’t get out of second gear and we probably got a bit sloppy at times but still played some great stuff and all of the changes performed well. Was a bit weird hearing Evatt on Radio Manchester post-match, gushing over meeting Phil Brown for the first time, but Brown was keen to point out that playing JDB means Charles dropping deeper and that the two best players don’t always make the partnership which is obviously something IE is keen on, too. Traffic was a dream with a shit crowd on and all 😃
  15. 7 changes and still pretty bloody strong
  16. That Barnsley game would be a nailed on rearrangement but you’d have to hope we should deal with today with fairly minimal fuss. Hope they’ve got the hearing on in WSL because it’s bloody freezing on the retail park
  17. Don’t mind a chilly, bright day but fucking hell it was chilling to the bone earlier this evening. Going to need about a million layers at the match tomorrow.
  18. Needn’t have worried, they’re paying £8 a pint to freeze their knackers off at the Christmas Markets in Manchester.
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