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  1. They did right by the staff. As did PNE. And plenty of our fans. But let’s not go rewriting history.
  2. Not sure Shrewsbury counts as abroad tbf 😅 (Plymouth should though)
  3. The cunts still owe me a fiver for roaming charges for intruding on my mobile signal in Corfu last year.
  4. And on the seventh day, the Lord invented rugby league 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Never mind that, I’m still bitter we only got £4m for Eidur
  6. 25 home 18 away Circumstances dictate that it is probably my highest ever away total Thanks to all of this parish who have shared in it. Without wanting to veer too far in to the mental health thread, this first post-lockdown season has been a literal life saver for so many people.
  7. Fuck rationality. I still want our phantom goal to be awarded.
  8. It’s a cover. They actually serve flame grilled beef burgers.
  9. They still had to actually claim them though, they didn’t just send them all two tickets apiece in the post. Let’s not forget we’ve had a couple of games at a fiver a ticket which distorts things somewhat, but then I suppose everyone else does that at one point or another.
  10. Don’t care what anyone says, there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house during Abide With Me if we got there.
  11. Tbf we’ve got the Nat Lofthouse Stand and have done since day one, yet nobody actually uses the name.
  12. Don’t really agree with the New Burnden stuff, if nothing else because it related to the district. Not sure Middlebrook Park has the same ring, mind, and Lostock Park sounds like a train station. I’ll avoid mention of that lot down the road naming a stand after their old ground because they didn’t have any legendary players to take the honour.
  13. If only for his shit maths getting them relegated.
  14. I think Hillsborough had one as part of their FFP dodging but I could be wrong.
  15. I’ve generally found myself typing UniBolt, but in conversation it’s usually Middlebrook with the odd Reebok thrown in.
  16. One of the three will be Hutchinson I expect. Though he’ll need to be getting some senior football somewhere next season I’d say (obviously with a clause to call him back if necessary).
  17. Played against us for PNE in the friendly last year. Recall he made a decent save or two but weighs about 10 stone wet through so wasn’t much of a presence.
  18. Be a shame if that’s the case then as there are obvious benefits to having them on hand for maintenance etc rather than forking out for contractors all the time. Could be some benefits though, if for example the club/FV pay for a refurbishment then it might make it more attractive to joining a chain again. A bit like doing your house up before putting it on sale increases your market value. It seems there’s a happy medium to be had between selling it job lot to a chain and trying to soldier on alone. So long as it isn’t a building site when I get married there next year then I’m not arsed 😂
  19. Firstly, why is it always Stoke? Secondly, get a brew and enjoy this thread
  20. Going to be part of the Radisson support network but not necessarily Radisson branded, I think.
  21. Might not necessarily be that brand though. I'm sure they've got many strings to their bow.
  22. Could be a case of mixing it up for home/away games?
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