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  1. footballcorner10 for a tenner off
  2. Presume that’s the Polished Knob though not been for a bit? Feels wrong going in to Yorkshire for a Lancs away game mind Scotland-bound TPE train from Piccadilly to Preston and across from there. Assume we’ll be playing Avanti bingo from Wigan on a similar route.
  3. Whereas I thought it was a belter last year. Never seen so many pubs in such a small town. And we managed to dodge the police horses trying to get everyone back to the station and stay for hours afterwards.
  4. Sort of thing you’d get with a clique really
  5. That’s a mad visual. The early teams fading away and replaced by all manner clubs who 20-25 years ago would never have dreamed of being in the top flight.
  6. Noticed that myself at the time On Charles (and others tbf), that extra touch is coming when they’re trying to get in to their preferred foot rather than just having a pop with their swinger. Overthinking it a bit too much maybe.
  7. Just seen EFL show. Definite shirt pull. Which in turn means it definitely wasn’t an attempt to play the ball and therefore should have been a red card. I’ve been obsessed with that rule ever since our red card in the 7-1 at Accrington and it was pretty much a textbook example today. Tbf they got promoted that season didn’t they? Though said goal was literally the first thing I said to my mate’s nephew when he said who their manager was. Of course he looked at me like I had two heads given he wasn’t even a twinkle in the eye, and the idea of City being a newly promoted team in the Championship just sounds ridiculous to him.
  8. Johnston knew exactly what he was doing. Grabbed hold of one of theirs who had come running in and made sure there was enough attention on that to make sure the referee didn’t bother going back to the original incident
  9. Ref had already given a free kick so wouldn’t have counted. The search continues! I think that’s what it was given for, which would fit with it only being a yellow as “an attempt to play the ball” (which is a crock of shit btw). Thought he went down easily from NSL but happy to reserve judgement until seeing a replay. Plus both Charles and Kachunga had arguably better shouts afterwards that weren’t given. Will also add MJ was lucky to only get the one yellow card today. He made one of his classic late tackles in the first half which somehow wasn’t even a foul, and Johnston did a great job of taking one for the team in distracting the referee’s attention after Williams and Jackson had their little wrestling match.
  10. Great result. Charles was really in the mood today, was mad seeing us try the little tricks and whatnot at 1-0 that would normally be reserved for a 4-0. Kachunga worked his nads off and overall was in credit but just didn’t manage that end product. Back three all excellent. Trafford tremendous in the one on one first half and the late save was a cracker. Thomason very good again, and I loved seeing him get in the face of one of the Lincoln players after (another) dying swan act. Such a progression from the meek young kid who first came in.
  11. They better not dare ruin my Christmas piss up
  12. Wiki reckons Hobbs is their highest ever sale at £750,000. I also noted their highest ever gate is 23,000 and their record signing cost less than Fabian de Freitas ffs. I’m more than aware that this will end up on LincolnWays but fucking hell we need to get out of this division.
  13. Got sacked at Scunthorpe and replaced with Onions
  14. That isn’t entirely accurate as Saturday services have invariably relied on over staff working overtime. The companies then banned overtime and then wondered why they had no staff at weekends. Given the whole dispute has been going on for 3-4 years, the only surprise is that it took so long to resort to strike action. The fact that the DfT have effectively been running the train companies for the last two and a half years should have been something they used to their advantage but they’re content to let it all rumble on with little will to resolve it. Whole thing is an absolute shitshow and the only people losing out are the paying customers.
  15. It is, however, the Government currently running the show and in reality are in a far greater position to take control than would ordinarily be the case with franchising. Personally I found it astounding when I first found out how reliant the rail industry has been on drivers working overtime and rest days. Reliance probably doesn’t even begin to cover it. I could understand if it was a shortage of drivers because of being unable to train drivers during Covid, but it would seem that the whole thing has been built on sand for years.
  16. Now that really is something I never knew, thanks for that
  17. Similar with Blackburn pre-Venkys too. Can't blame the kids for not wanting their inheritance to be chucked down a black hole.
  18. It'll only work in the smaller grounds. Not a prayer we'd have enough natural light once the clocks go back in a stadium of our size.
  19. Well it's got more chance of being covered than the rest of it, at least 😀
  20. Guessing it’s the little bit of terrace in front of the seating area to the left. Obviously vast majority will be on the right but everyone will be spread out anyway with the nature of us having the full touchline
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