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  1. Was in before the date changed but staying in Dorset for a few days after Portsmouth. Out.
  2. Which I do as a matter of course anyway ever since those Fleetwood and Burton games the other year when folk needed to prove how many away games they had attended (plus I tend to buy during STH priority anyway I suppose)
  3. Worked fine for the 7 of us that I sorted out memberships yesterday but didn't work on the one I'd sorted today as a member. Might only activate overnight or summat like that. Was easily sorted in one email to ticket office though.
  4. All sorted quickly in one email. Ticket Office in 👍
  5. In x7 (with one to follow once it recognises their membership 🙄)
  6. I’m sure it can be dismissed to “just” bottle throwing given the referee actually signalled to take the players off the field, and it was only Eoin Doyle appealing to the crowd that prevented that. Pretty unprecedented, isn’t it? That’s not to say that I necessarily support the change as I think we need to do be doing everything we can to nurture new support rather than discouraging walk up fans, but I get the impression the club has faced pressure from elsewhere. Especially as this is a stark contrast to reintroducing cash turnstiles earlier in the season.
  7. Of sorts, yes, but you can just activate your CRN online which bypasses the registration process and obviously links up with your season ticket etc. If it was 2-3 years ago I’d have said as a data capture exercise, but it doesn’t work on that front now post-GDPR as if you’re creating extra accounts for others then those people aren’t in a position to approve receiving emails etc. Only angle I can see is that it’s a case of people have been buying rafts of tickets and, given the club would only have the details of the payee, GMP aren’t happy that there isn’t some form of accountability for knowing who is in the stadium etc. Suppose in theory it would also make it easier to issue a club ban for bad behaviour as they’d effectively be able to take away the membership and suspend it, although in reality that’s not exactly impossible with the current system.
  8. Make sure you watch Mike Bassett beforehand.
  9. If you have bought any sort of match ticket or season ticket in the last 20 years then you’ve got an account - it’ll be your CRN (client reference number) on your season ticket
  10. I’m working on the assumption that they’ve seen their arses about the trouble against Wigan and not having the details for some of the trouble makers.
  11. Pogba off. It gets even better. Another goal or two would be nice.
  12. Macc went bust as a National League club rather than a Football League club though. The league placings of the re-formed versions of Darlington, Chester, Nuneaton and Hereford were, rightly or wrongly, partly influenced by which division the original club were last in.
  13. Anywhere but Wetherspoons for me
  14. They play Barnet at home on Tuesday. Greenidge to teach Sarcevic a footballing lesson.
  15. Thought Isgrove put in a couple of decent balls but we didn’t have anyone attacking them (and haven’t all season tbf). Still concerned that he is vulnerable defensively against a better side, but even by his standards he worked his nads off second half. Bloody good job their number 19 passed up on a hat trick early in the second half or we might have been four or five down before the hour. How he missed that one when he went round Dixon was beyond me. Last half hour a massive improvement and will hopefully provide a much needed confidence boost.
  16. More a case of if MJ had got out of the fucking way tbh
  17. Quite possible it hasn’t cost us anything as a mutual termination, particularly as he’d have known he’ll get a decent signing on fee from Stockport (which still sounds utterly ridiculous btw)
  18. Part of the conditions of NL membership are that you have to start in their regional division, so one below at least. Nothing to stop them promoting an extra team from North/South to create that vacancy.
  19. If they get the FA membership of the original club then that will come in handy. It was something similar that allowed Chester to bypass the North West Counties upon their reformation.
  20. Probably Stockport for a laugh
  21. Nailed on he scores against us in the cup
  22. What a baffling episode. Don't think we'll ever know wtf has gone on, but in what world does a captain choose Bromley away over League One?
  23. I hope they were actually allowed out and we aren’t getting rid because I’ve grassed them up 😂
  24. Was thinking a short term deal until January. Fairly sure we’ve done that previously? Seems plenty of free agents find it easy enough to do a bit of training with local teams etc so hopefully they wouldn’t be too far off the pace. Personally find it preferable to reverting to the wing back disasters of last season.
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