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  1. Tick fooking TOCK!!! J 'N' I C at the ready........
  2. bloody ell that must make him the biggest cunt in our history then in your book?
  3. Still.dont understand why Yanks like owners of Tampa Bay Rays would want to buy Wigan? I know it doesnt sound much wonga but seriously what is the point? cant be to make money or waken a sleeping giant. Not even the most important club in their own town. With their history and support they deserve someone like Smurf or Bazza. Tin pot cunts
  4. Ha ha. Thought you were a WUM with your pro Pie shite. Go back to BN letters you gobshite
  5. Dont give a fuck what you say.Chip in if youre that bothered. Sincerely hope they go bust
  6. This Smurf certainly got the natives agitated!
  7. First writing young keeper off now this? Its Evatts way or the highway. Give him a chance!
  8. snowball


    Oh aye nearly forgot. King Ken on here.
  9. snowball


    well you were wrong then and wrong now. absolutely stupid thing to say he nearly killed this club.
  10. and then goes on to say but that us not in my mind at moment. Well.it obviously is you dodgy fecker. Strip all you can Gerard lad
  11. Well done Ferencvaros. Without that guy up front Sellick are utter pish.
  12. Think im right that apart from the two Kevins he was our top scorer in Prem? Anyway know people who met him and all say was a terrific bloke. Underrated at time id say but a big part of best times ever and that includes his emergency defensive work
  13. They are certainly bitter little shitbags which is why i hope they are crushed like beetles! (said in best Bob Hoskins accent)
  14. Another one of the London Boys!
  15. And the update is ..... there will be another update on Thursday. Starting to sound familiar this but with no deternined bidder it seems. Apart from Leneghan who only wants the stadium...allegedly tick tock
  16. All kicking off now. Squeaky Bum time on Tics Speak as the penny drops. Krasner now saying he will take legal action against an 'anonymous source' whos accusing admins of asset stripping by selling off bits piecemeal to folk not interested in football club. Get your popcorn ready - big week leading to deadline. Tick Tock
  17. one mon saying need to get rid of Dick Wipe Stadium coz it will always be a drain on them (ie never fill it) and build a new one somewhere! Talk about getting ahead of themselves!
  18. Also i would say from what ive seen of McLaughlin who went to Rangers hes a decent keeper and i dont think Matthews is an improvement
  19. Good luck to him. He was a decent keeper, better than we could have expected for last couple of seasons. Hopefully we will be playing against him soon and putting a few past him.
  20. Goalie latest to go and coach (to Chelsea) be a depleted bunch in training and think more will be on the way next week. Big rebuilding job for new owner and new lot will be nowhere near standard theyve been used to. Love to see their crowds if they are as hopeless as we have been for last few seasons.
  21. snowball


    Only if we go drinking in Eccles ..
  22. snowball


    O well that explains it then. 5k average. fantastic. Standard if football cracking as well. Always give the European minnows a great game. Don't think you and Esco are convincing anyone.
  23. Could be our Tony Kelly in this league
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