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  1. Come on the future of football and the future of Wiggin are two different subjects. Flush the turd then we can worry about everybody else. well except those dossers from the Wirral they can be next
  2. Thats our Scarborough. Predict we lose that all hell breaks loose and then we go on a run ending in promotion at end of season
  3. Ok sorry for the insult no need . I have never met another Bolton fan who compared us to Stockport and Rochdale though.
  4. Farrelli yes theres a lot wrong with football and it could be us. Actually felt sorry for Bury and never really commented on them. Anybody else and id agree but Wigan fuck off hope they go bust. Only thing thats cheering me up at moment. Youre either on a wind up and not a Bolton fan or a sanctimonious prick btw given your 10 year bullshit prediction. In fact ive re read it no way are you a Wanderer which explains a lot
  5. That would be most on here from what i can work out
  6. Think Covid is saving them at moment from a deadline or pressure from EFL. With so many clubs on a financial cliff edge no way they want to be seen pushing any one over the edge. EFL hoping admins will make it easy for them but as long as no fans stuff goes on cant see EFL pulling the handle (or pushing the button if you're posh) and flushing the turd yet.
  7. Yes we can .He gets ten league games for me if cant see improvement after that then time to be worried.
  8. Spot on. Be watching it on small tv after Forest Green
  9. only 2 million apparently. Admins claiming that included supporters club putting up a million of that. Bidders mouthpiece (aka Nixon) reckons thats not true, they offered 2 million of their money. Anyway admins holding out for 3 for ground and 1 for training ground and chippy. Tick Tock
  10. Think its true Rioch mentioned McGinlay to Wright in reference to improving s certain aspect of his play and he took the hump. its certainly true Wright undermined Rioch and was instrumental in getting him fired and for that hes always a cunt as far as im concerned. Know someone who knew Bruce and Wright was a proper twat with him
  11. Aye it seemed that sort of place :lol:. dont think ive been in since. What i do remember is commentary and picture werent in synch so all pub celebrated before we saw it! then celebrated again on screen. Even better coz we all knew wed stolen the win and at City too. Special moment that looking back. Wonder if celebrating our goals in packed pub is a thing of past as well?
  12. Watched that in Arkwrights with a mate whos no longer with us. Gary Speed as well. Happy and sad memories at same time. 15 years ago. Fuck me where has that time gone?
  13. Didnt see the game. Painting a fence. Will take that tho as a sign of improvement.
  14. Absolutely i dont blame Doyle at all but just dont see him getting many with the service from this team is he really a fit for Evatt?
  15. would Henderson have cost less than Doyle?
  16. They really are. One mon on LS slating admins basically saying they are bent. Where has all the money gone? Sales of players must be £9 million at least the deluded thicko reckoned. Of course he was conveniently forgetting they actually owed nearly as much as they got for every player! Not theres the current market,covid,how desperate they are to sell and fact need money up front and have to pay football creditors first. Admin doing a great job. These lot are fucked for a long time and thats best case scenario for them. Daring to hope liquidation after all. Jelly n ice cream at peg legs s
  17. Correct. Doesnt matter how good someone is or isnt if they are always injured! wasted enough wages on such folk over last decade. Johnny Rotten please take note.
  18. 3 games in thats when we can compare. Still think we have a 'Scarborough" result to come. when do we play Harrogate?
  19. Really? i thought he looked like a player just plucked from Norwegian third division myself. No where near even this level (not alone tbf. Santos as well). Thats my main worry are some of these actually good enough to do what Evatt wants? i will wait ten league games before deciding tho.
  20. You are right. Another depressing thought.
  21. Aye out of all of them Gordon and Taft might be ok with Jones but that leaves a massive hole in centre
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