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  1. A friend of mine, now sadly deceased, used to work in the commercial department for both Wigan Rugby and Wigan Athletic. He told be that in the ticket office it wasn't unusual for rugby fans to say that they would only sit in a red seat and football fans only wanting a pay for a blue seat
  2. I remember him when I was a kid living across the road from him in Springfield Road, Farnworth. Even after he made it into the first team he still often came out into the street for a kick about.
  3. I'm pretty sure that the first one was off because of a frozen pitch and the second one because of fog. The game was played the night after the second postponement and the club laid on a free coach for those who had travelled down on the previous night. I seem to remember a couple of the team came into the Hereford Supporter's club before the kick-off and gave out free complimentary tickets to the few Wanderers fans who had managed to travel down again.
  4. I'm sure it was Thompson's debut, I remember sneaking out of school for it on a Wednesday afternoon, Sunderland were FA Cup holders at the time. A policeman on the turnstiles said we could only get in if we paid the full adult price as anyone under 16 should be in school.
  5. I remember watching Monty Python's Life of Brian at the Lido (Studio 1?) on Bradshawgate probably about 1980 and Dave Hoggan was sat a couple of rows away pissing his sides with some other Wanderers team mate who I can't remember
  6. I've recently used Revolut in Taiwan and Japan without any problems. It was fine for ATMs, contactless payments and for paying restaurant & hotel bills etc
  7. I think it was Garry Jones who scored a famous goal against Rotherham, in the 1972/3 season? Jim McDonagh, then playing for Rotherham, later a Wanderers favourite himself, placed the ball down for a goal kick and Garry, while McDonagh had his back turned, tapped the ball into the net and the goal was given. Jones had been smart enough to realise that the ball was never actually out of play and the ref hadn't signalled a goal-kick If my memory is correct it was at the Lever End, RIP Garry Jones one of my first Bolton heroes
  8. Was Garry Jones the one in the wheelchair when the ex-players were on the pitch at half time?
  9. I enjoyed a couple of days in Bucharest 6 years or so ago prior to going on a ski trip up in the mountains. I'm not sure if it would be good for a stag do as we didn't come across too many bars, but maybe we were in the wrong part of town? If you do go though, a tour around Nicolae Ceausascu's palace is well worth the effort, I think it's the 2nd biggest building in the world after the Pentagon (or something like that?) The tens of thousands of street dogs were a big issue a few years ago but a recent controversial cull of the dogs seems to have reduced the problem
  10. Was the Blackpool game in 1968 the one when Bolton conceded a goal direct from an indirect free kick and a riot broke out on the Kop? Maybe that incident could have been the year after, it's a long time ago!
  11. I remember it well as a 14 year old, queueing outside the Lever End waiting for the gates to open, it was mayhem on there that night.
  12. So pleased that I decided to stay up late and watch this. A world record 54 ball test match century in his final game for New Zealand and the Aussies resorting to having a backstop behind the wicket keeper, brilliant stuff!!
  13. As has been pointed out, most of Helsinki and the adjoining cities of Vantaa and Espoo are very expensive for drinks.The Sörnäinen district, 3 stops north on the metro from the central railway station has some cheaper bars. It's possible to find a beer for around €3.50, even the more expensive ones should be cheaper than the centre of town.Plenty of young people hang around there but also a fair amount of local drunks and colourful characters,although I've never been too bothered by them. If Big City Girl is going to the Flow Festival, that is pretty close to there too. The recently opene
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