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  1. 24th minute Sarc SpecialEffect
  2. 28 Minutes - Dapo Head For Change
  3. 38 minutes Sarc SpecialEffect
  4. 9th Minute Sarc SpecialEffect
  5. 22nd - Sarc SpecialEffect
  6. Perfectly links to my non BWFC football shirt
  7. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but Sky are allowing people to pause their sports subscriptions but still have access to the channels until live sport is back. https://www.sky.com/shop/tv/sports/pause Just hope Virgin do the same........
  8. Gerald would be absolutely pissing himself laughing if he knew his book was now being quoted on here.
  9. Wardrobe

    Take Over

    Or maybe they are just getting the last bits of paperwork in place so everything can get signed
  10. Kassam is probably more disliked than KA is here. Can also confirm a lot of Oxford fans in Witney.
  11. Wardrobe

    Take Over

    Still laughing at 6 years experience in business
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