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  1. Because you called someone out as being a bit of a dick, just because he had a different opinion
  2. You've not exactly endeared yourself on here so far, in fact you seem to be a bit of a dick
  3. Aye fuck Boris, promotion party outweighs his ramblings
  4. Step three – May 17. ...
  5. Is it not from May 17th when big game stadiums open up?
  6. Only in the eyes of their manager.
  7. Let the moaning fuckers keep theirs
  8. It was on that MEN report further up the thread, and yes includes all EFL clubs And according to a report in the Daily Telegraph this week, Wanderers boasts the fifth highest number of subscribers over iFollow in the entire EFL, comprising the Championship, League One and League Two.
  9. And still are relatively, 4th highest ifollow in the entire EFL says we are.
  10. But yet you carry on, let it go, and enjoy the run.
  11. Talk about deluded, just had a look on their forum, their fans are wanting them to sign Sturridge on emergency signing terms ffs
  12. Strangely their manager thinks they should have won that. He added: “We had some good chances and should have won the game, but the big difference was Eoin Doyle – that’s why he earns the money and gets the moves and that’s why he’s done what he has in his career – the only difference today was he had one sniff on goal and one chance and it’s a good finish, but bad defending from us.
  13. They've got some hard games to come, so have we to be fair, but I can't see Tranmere finishing higher than us
  14. Fucking tramps winning now, Woolery
  15. Nasty injury, but a stretcher job?....... fuck off
  16. Breathe on them fuckers foul, kick lumps out of us it's play on
  17. How the fuck did that Colchester player miss that?
  18. Another fucking pen for them scrawny trampy cunts
  19. That might have been it, I knew it was summat like that
  20. Could do with Mansfield getting 1 with 10 minutes left
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