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  1. Fingers crossed, long way to go yet.
  2. He was talking on tv about the Ipswich goal, and he said he went past Terry Butcher and asked him did you see that, you had a better view than I did,
  3. True legend, unplayable at times, and the goal at QPR is up there with THAT goal........... RIP legend
  4. Not a pub but Ronnie Phillips had an offie in Walkden
  5. Roy Keane will be nailed on
  6. Odds on them trying to prise Evatt away?
  7. More lunacy from the crass of 92
  8. Weren't Preston one of the clubs that helped us out when we were in the shit? I for one wouldn't wish bad on them
  9. Still buying free kicks these cunts
  10. Tranmere 2-1 2 fucking pens, scrawny bindipping twats
  11. Amount of soft fee kicks to them, and fuck all for nailed on fouls for us, cunt
  12. This is getting fucking ridiculous all this falling over and staying down
  13. Fuck off you time wasting twats
  14. Fucking slow coming out cunts
  15. Plenty fucking time wasting from these cunts
  16. Fucking buying fouls these cunts
  17. Another fucking ref that can't wait to give them free kicks
  18. Good bench too, should be too good for them
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