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  1. Oh our little tic seems a tad rattled, poor lamb
  2. And you know the worst thing is, he doesn't even get a discount.
  3. Has your mum/sister kept you off school cos there's nowt on't telly?
  4. Side note, Joe Ledley signed for Newport, great signing for this level
  5. Yes, he was out for about 5 weeks last time
  6. No Vaughan, they could struggle to make playoffs, that would be a sad day
  7. If Carlsberg did midweek games
  8. 0-0 Tranmere going into injury time.
  9. Just need Tranmere to get hammered tomorrow, and it's a great midweek
  10. Do Salford have any Welshers? they'd be a shoe in
  11. Hugh has got 2 accounts I see
  12. I've only seen that Cheltenham mon that was a threat from long throws, all others have been pointless
  13. A finish above them trampy cunts from Birkenhead would please me no end.
  14. One is never enough for us, come on whites bag another
  15. Surprised your watching, your bird got a puncture?
  16. Arthur and Miller to the rescue
  17. Load of shite, but 45 minutes of total football to come
  18. We haven't started well here, weather a factor though
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