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  1. You posted during the 2 minute silence you cunt😀
  2. Mention it quietly, Hughm0ngus may be lurking
  3. Play nicely ratshitman might have differing opinions, but he's entitled to air them, the bit where he doesn't like tits and fannies make me wonder about him though
  4. Probably still hiding his socks from mummy after that one
  5. I get the feeling ratshitman only comes on for the titties now, come on rudy give him the works
  6. It's now all about which teams nerves stand the heat.
  7. Newport along with many teams in this league are professional footballers playing pub league tactics, rough em up and kick the shit out of you, we more than took them on, how many games have we seen where we've been absolutely battered and won with a smash and grab? that's what happened today, so I say to the whinging bastards on here, FUCK OFF and buy a sky blue shirt if you want to see lots of goals @white63, @bitchetman, and @hughmongus this is pointed at you.
  8. Good effort from Maddison
  9. Sub is 40 fucking 2 years old, strange to take Maynard off
  10. Think Newport have put the fucking rugby team out
  11. could have been 5 up here
  12. We all know one of these, the sort that post on facemither about being a bit down, then waits for folk to show him/her the love. ignore the cunt, and watch him/her wither
  13. Tranmere 4-0 now GD same as us
  14. EVENTUALLY? fuck me with 8 games to go, you'd think we'd have been found out ages back
  15. Is this the right room for an argument?
  16. Because you called someone out as being a bit of a dick, just because he had a different opinion
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