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  1. Hardly the most academic of sources. He probably fought like most do - for their mates. He wasn't shooting Jewish folk in Poland. Don't besmirch my grandad, he hadn't the foggiest about the east, and he though Hitler was a cunt.
  2. They didn’t exactly go 'do you fancy joining the Hitler Youth?' - my grandad wasn't keen on it but preferred it to see his mum raped, his dad drafted and being made to join anyway. Plus anyone who breaks their neck and rubs it with "ow that smarts" look on their face but sees out the game is fine by me.
  3. Sordell was a panic buy by 'piss it up the wall but don't get pissed' Coyle - a lad with issues and a preference for playing music, with a girlfriend in London and living out of a suitcase on a retail park in Horwich - what could possibly go wrong?
  4. Monkey Tennis - the one thing Lovejoy the monster was right about like a broken clock - I reckon' the ol' dirty bastards, crocks and not particularly good players off here could rustle up a team and beat the Lionesses 20-0. At primary school the girls challenged the lads to a game, on the proviso we played them at netball, which none of us had played before, they got their arses handed to them in both games. I booted the girl playing left wing into the air first minute and she hid the rest of the match - it's the only way they'll learn.
  5. The Arsenal cup tie - that mentalist who took off from Leverhulme Park, fan man, he did similar at Bowe-Holyfield (not taking off from Leverhulme Park that time) - he got twatted for his troubles. He went into the desert and topped himself in a cave - attention seeker.
  6. I was already with a girl and I'm not a Deffefal ratbag.
  7. They're fucking muck, they think all British are minted royalty, once I got chatting to a Texan Milf on a beach - I could've been up her quicker than Lewis Hamilton in pole position. They think a GL scumfuck is royalty (not nonce Andrew - a handsome one, probably have to go back some).
  8. He will need a shitty stick, knee deep in fanny, the lucky lad, he could go for breakfast and be nobbing the waitress by 5pm.
  9. He was limited but showed for the ball and always tried to get sommat going, bellends would be berating him yet cheering on Mark Davies who was usually busying himself playing hide and seek like a big chicken.
  10. Certain posters yearned for the appointment of a filthy Bolton München after Lenny got potted, let's call him Charlie Onions, they later had their wishes granted. That worked out well. Beanie hat and a suit - what a wanker, our nadir, made Black Sunday seem like a day at Alton Towers (but not the day loads of people lost limbs in a coaster crash).
  11. 50p to a charity of your choice. That backpass - pub football.
  12. They're going down, quite rightly too.
  13. Brentford - how shit are they? The bloke who danced in N-Trance also wants his hair back.
  14. That is fucking genius. They should replace him with a wild animal, and players who aren't getting a game and go to see the gaffer, displeased, you should see their faces when the proud beast leaps from his office, snatches their contract from their hands and sinks his fangs into their soft flesh.
  15. It's alright to visit, or it was, but it's much easier to stagger, drunk of course, from The Unibol/Middlebrook to Horwich Parkway then stagger home from Trnity Street even when you pause for handbags with an uninspiring pimp. Not over his stable - he gave me a funny look.
  16. I don't want to take drugs and get drunk and remove my shoes and travel eight miles shoeless to make a racist attack on a random asian family. Nor do I want to scald my girlfriend with a kettle nor rip her hair out and threaten to kill her. Also I don't mind the majority of people who aren't white so I have no desire to reside in a clone of 1980's Johannesburg.
  17. Tho'grass and Thog'nonce? He probably isn't a nonce but he could go on Stars in his Eyes as Gary Glitter (real name: George O' Dowd.) To reiterate I don't think he's a real nonce but he could be lynched, probably wrongly, in other places for carrying a stranger's kid on his shirtless back. 99% of subscribers to his 'channel' are old bill.
  18. Nothing is stopping a mad scientist transplanting Gilks brain from his decrepit body into Dixon's. Your 'keeper should be the eyes, ears and gob for the defence, and Fossey is a winger never a RB. And I wonder about the wisdom of loaning players from London teams and bringing them to our one-horse town.
  19. Arsenal should pay the handchoppers - that spooned pass to nobody. Unforgivable. I'd ship him out to Stockport the baldy bastard. They're going to win fuck all - they're allergic to the last third. Whitt was right we got £1.50 which Sweaty put towards pubic lice treatment.
  20. I thought Klaus Kinski was brown bread - but there he is large as life as Forest manager. Smashing pass and timed run for their goal - Arsenal were dogshit, no bottle.
  21. Minoxidil works for some, the French stuff is best - the only thing is you have to keep it zero to two so it can reach the scalp, so a bit pointless really - and once you start you can't stop. It worked for me though - I was getting a baldicoot patch but no more, but now I'm hooked in to spending a tenner a week on the stuff.
  22. What the fuck was that (Holding) anyone would think they're playing Real Madrid - there's no-one there.
  23. Stick your bubbles up your arse you plastic Cuckney twats - ICF my eye. We the taxpayers paid for their stadium as well as those Manchester tramp's.
  24. Is Wright pregnant? They look like tossers. I wonder if our London-based members wear them? It's as bad as wearing a £600 Monacle beanie looking like Brian Harvest or whatever.
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