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  1. Some cracking pubs in the center. lived down there for a few years and ventured into town most Saturdays. The Square Peg is a Witherspoons and a good place to start before moving on to Broad Street. Locals were always very friendly.
  2. Why don't you cover it with Plastic Cladding ?
  3. gazza

    Take Over

    Have a feeling that now it's done that the other people in the cosortium will now join again.
  4. gazza

    Take Over

    That quote was from 2nd of Feb FFS
  5. gazza

    Take Over

    This !! Get more flat dicks to the game is all good for me. But seriously a new female perspective to the beautiful game can only be a good thing . just look at Martina Navratilova
  6. gazza

    Take Over

    What does fill me with a tiny bit of hope is that they do seem to be able to find new investors when needed which says to me that they know people in the right places whether that be keys in a bowl or gimp masks
  7. gazza

    Take Over

    Would it be because Big Sam lost against the rest of the world, is sulking and doesn't want to come to us anymore ??
  8. gazza

    Take Over

    i hope one isn't the last one !
  9. gazza

    Take Over

    Looks like Mr Bond is back
  10. sssshhhhhh Reminds me of the famous Wanderersways night with Franky Worthy who spent most of the night uttering these words as well as talking mainly about Leicester shitty
  11. gazza

    Take Over

    Busters all the way from me !!!!
  12. gazza

    Take Over

    i knew he had a hand in it !!!
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