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    Matt Gilks

    I didn't know Sharon was a decent goalie as well as the best Football club owner 🤩
  2. Was it on Sky? 🤔

    Bull ****

    I've just remembered - in those 'terrace' days you had to get in the ground and to your position on the terrace, next to your football mates, early; none of the modern getting to your seat a few minutes before kick-off malarkey. 30 mins before kick-off was normal for me. But, on this night I knew that everyone was so wound-up that 30 mins wouldn't cut it.... So I got on a full hour before kick-off, and wow, what a good decision - the Burden Paddock was already more than half full with the singing very loud and very proud. About 40 mins before kick-off the wolves team came out fo

    Bull ****

    I agree, it was without doubt the most charged, anti-opposition, biased, vitriolic atmosphere ever created during my MANY years supporting the Wanderers. Most teams will never have come close to that night, and yes I include clubs like Celtic/Rangers. There was so much at stake, it just had to be done, and it was!
  5. Nobody in league 2 has lost less games than the mighty whites! 😁
  6. I think Gilks has had a great season 🙄😁😁

    Bull ****

    https://www.footballfancast.com/wolves-news/exclusive-steve-bull-saddest-days-of-career-e61 So happy that we were instrumental in the saddest day of his life 😁😁😁
  8. Ratchet man = Humungus
  9. Stretchered off 😁😁😁
  10. I've just been into the EE shop in the centre of Bolton and I put my BWFC face mask on as I entered. The guy who greeted me said "Bolton Wanderers" with a slight edge, so I replied "well we are in the centre of Bolton". He then said "I'm a wigan fan". "Not for much longer" said I 😁
  11. How much classier of us, compared to them lot, would it be not to though 😇
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