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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Who does Dob play for and how much would he cost? 🤔

    The Final

    Barley Mow, near Baker St. station

    The Final

    Not seen any coaches yet

    The Final

    They have a very funny way of spelling army 🙅

    The Final

    Premier Inn, Greenford
  6. Who's this outside the hotel?
  7. Let's make sure Cosgrove gets loads of venomous abuse on Tuesday night, not only did he seriously injure Toal at Wembley, the twat tried to make sure Rico would miss the 2nd leg!
  8. Dion's first goal was VERY easy to fuck up, welcome back Dion, we've missed you!
  9. All the top spots have gone 😁🤣
  10. It's a bit late if you've not booked your accommodation 🙅
  11. And exactly the same would apply to all key games which have limited availability, if there was a priority system in place. I.E. Only the ultra keen away fans would ever get the tickets - and whilst this has some merit, there is also a definite downside in terms of attracting new/newer fans into the fold, or even keeping pretty keen (away) fans motivated when they are never able to get their hands on key/limited availability away tickets.
  12. Unfortunately, we could have the best, slickest, most efficient system there is, with a priority system thrown in, and there's still going to be thousand's of disappointed fans who don't manage to get tickets. Some you win, some you lose; yes I know the fans who go to most (all) away games are the most deserving but a fan that, for example, only attends 25% of away games is still deserving and going to be disappointed if he/she doesn't get a ticket.
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