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  1. So, the bar service is crap..... How's the football 🤔

    MK Dons (H)

    The crowd will be Humungous, oh hang on a minute 🤔


    And, we've NEVER lost in a final 😁
  4. But you did say "Clubs get rid because they believe the players are crap or too expensive. Championship players who are good will be too expensive and we don’t want to take chances with crap or injury prone again". How did Sarc & Doyle not fall into that category when we signed them? And if Championship players who are good will be too expensive, surely that applies even more to Premier League players.
  5. So let's sign nobody 🤨

    Matt Gilks

    I didn't know Sharon was a decent goalie as well as the best Football club owner 🤩
  7. Was it on Sky? 🤔

    Bull ****

    I've just remembered - in those 'terrace' days you had to get in the ground and to your position on the terrace, next to your football mates, early; none of the modern getting to your seat a few minutes before kick-off malarkey. 30 mins before kick-off was normal for me. But, on this night I knew that everyone was so wound-up that 30 mins wouldn't cut it.... So I got on a full hour before kick-off, and wow, what a good decision - the Burden Paddock was already more than half full with the singing very loud and very proud. About 40 mins before kick-off the wolves team came out for their pre- emptive warm-up, which caused the already deafening noise to go up a few decibels. The vitriol spewing from the terraces was phenomenal, the hatred was akin to 11 Yorkshire Rippers being in the wolves team after raping your girlfriend and having scored an unjust goal and broken the leg of our best player in the previous game. I watched the faces and body language of the wolves players and you could clearly see their bewilderment and raw fear. They had the I'll advised idea to warm-up directly in front of the Burnden Terrace.... And before they got there I'm sure they could FEEL the noise directed at them. One of their fullbacks, Mark Venus, momentarily glanced towards the terrace and the look of fear was written across his face.... And this was all before a ball had been kicked in anger. They didn't hang around for long in front of the terrace.
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