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  1. When we look back at previous periods in our history, in my opinion it's already fair to say he's easily ticked the Phil Neal box - I.E. (pun intended) he's turned the ship around, got us out of the bottom division and stabilised us in the next division up. He's now well on his way to ticking the Bruce Rioch box, yes there's still a long way to go but I'm not sticking my neck out at all by stating that I have ever confidence in him. Its obviously one step at a time, but it will be fascinating to witness if can ultimately tick the Big Sam box - I.E. get us to the prem., stabilise then climb up that table. It took 3 managers, over lots of years, to progress from the bottom division to near the top of the prem (+ Europe 😁) last time, it would be a rare manager who can do it on his own.... But I think we might have that man; I certainly can't think of anyone else who might possibly be good enough to do it whilst remaining patient and loyal enough to see it through.
  2. Aston vanilla tickets on sale.... for villa fans! £10 each.

    PA / Tannoy

    "or someone didn't switch it on" In one.
  4. Dion - 3rd favourite to be League One's leading goal scorer. https://www.bristolworld.com/sport/football/bristol-rovers/league-one-golden-boot-202223-every-clubs-top-scorer-predicted-as-peterborough-bolton-and-sheffield-wednesday-expected-to-excel-3776962
  5. The cleaning of the stanchions in progress (I'm guessing they won't be going to the top 😁).
  6. I have EE and get a signal in the ground, no problem. I couldn't get anything with previous provider (Tesco / O2).

    Wigan (A)

    Little wigin had only one shot on target despite being at home, 2nd in the division & having all that so-called dominance - against a team missing both of their wingbacks! Everyone, apart from their prick of a manager, knows they should have been down to 10 men before half-time They clearly have very little style and zero class, relying totally on running their bollocks off, running into opposition players and generally being dirty tossers - typified by their IRA loving jimmy mc Dickhead They don't, and never will, understand our STYLE of play and are too thick to realise why they were totally spent for the last 30 min's and hanging on for dear life - I bet the Championship teams are dreading their arrival 😆 (which is far from guaranteed) They also know it's only a matter of (not very much) time before our paths cross again with us continuing our upward trajectory as they plummet back to their historic level - complete with their miniscule fan base
  8. Was 76 years ago today 😥.
  9. Re. staying up, my understanding is that next season there are 5 Championship teams who are heading for points deductions.... Could be the best season ever to get promoted.
  10. Has there been any more Swiss-movement today? 🤔
  11. Under the Morecambe circumstances; I.E. Unjust penalty & unjust sending-off (both subsequently proven to be unjust by virtue of the red card being rescinded) followed by a goal conceded - that almost certainly wouldn't have been conceded if we had 11 players on the pitch - followed by the Bolton bench being taunted/abused; the pitch invasion was 'understandable'. Therefore, in my opinion, if someone ran onto the pitch & DIDN'T do anything else whilst there (e.g. throw a punch) then they can consider themselves unlucky if they receive a ban - even though it is an offence to go onto the pitch. HOWEVER, the throwing of stuff onto the pitch, prior to our equaliser & on-pitch celebrations, tarnishes all of the Bolton fans there & raises the heckles of the authorities - making their tolerance of the pitch invasion less likely. As per the thread I started on throwing stuff, it will have repercussions & needs to be cut-out immediately.
  12. Regarding throwing ‘things’ (I.E. ANYTHING) at a football match, or before or after for that matter (E.G. inside a pub): It is quite simply childish and can only ever do harm to my (our) club, so if you’ve ever done it &/or plan to do it in the future – you’re a bell-end, you’re most certainly not a supporter of our great football club and the sooner you grow up, or completely stay away from Bolton Wanderers (I don’t care which) the better. To try and help the hard of thinking, let’s examine the possible outcomes of throwing something: · Will it earn us any point(s) = NO · Will it endear us to BWFC’s owners, manager, players, staff, supporters = NO · Will it help to support claims of racial abuse against our manager/players/staff = NO · Will Morecambe use it to deflect some of the blame for racist abuse - YES · Could it earn the club a fine = YES · Could it earn the club a points penalty = YES · Could it cause Bolton fans to have a reduced or complete ban at future away games = YES · Could BWFC’s owners decide they do not want to be associated with such behaviour & look to sell the club (to god knows who) at the earliest opportunity = YES STOP THROWING STUFF OR STAY AWAY!
  13. I believe the plan (from City & Bolton) is for us to keep Trafford, on loan, for the next 2 seasons.
  14. Deal (virtually) done according to Gills fans: https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/dempsey-off.121976/#post-3209831
  15. We have the 'lets throw something onto the pitch' tosser's to thank for this. The idiots, who don't care if any harm is done to the club (financial or otherwise) as a result of their immature actions will now need to decide if they can behave inside the ground or, if not, cannot risk having their details known & therefore daren't enter the ground - Good riddance to all those!
  16. So, the bar service is crap..... How's the football 🤔
  17. JOGLER

    MK Dons (H)

    The crowd will be Humungous, oh hang on a minute 🤔
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