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  1. Great to see how much the club means to the owners the manager and the players as much as it does to us fans brilliant day
  2. Grandson playing at Darlington today for Chester
  3. A St. Helens whites BWFC flag at the St. Helens v Chester fa youth cup game today Chester won 4-0 my grandson scored the fourth from a free kick
  4. It wasn’t the bury players I was on about it was players from other teams after watching my grandson play through the academies at bury,Burnley, Man City and fylde this his his first season playing against older guys in a proper league so was a surprise the level of football that was being played and how good some of the players were
  5. I was surprised at the standard of football I’ve seen some great games and watched some really good players my grandson is playing for Chester in the FA youth cup today against St. Helens but it’s behind closed doors
  6. My grandson is at Chester city on a scholarship and signed for bury afc on a twelfth month contract been watching a couple of his games over the last couple of weeks its been great to watch live football have a few beers and visit a few grounds I would never have seen met some great people
  7. Watching the sweeney yesterday and on a wall was sprayed CON BWFC he was from horwich
  8. FD hung about with ginger and villa in the lever end days
  9. From Vernon street to st George’s road definitely
  10. Fenny as a few decent pubs the one on the canal is good also a big Celtic pub on the Main Street
  11. Stayed in the hotel across from pink punters a few times in the last 2 years you see some strange sights going in there but been told it get lots of women in there and it’s roughly 60% straight
  12. A few of the older ones on here will remember Tommy I think the funeral is next week 14th
  13. Love the interview with hill in the bn telling people he goes in the no name and they can sit down and have a pint and a chat with him don’t think many managers would do that
  14. Saw the girl tearing the chicken behind the counter her hands weren’t the cleanest
  15. The bridge it was terrible the beer garden was even worse
  16. Anyone go in the county pub in Rotherham there was some right sorts in there haha
  17. Top guy drinks in the seven stars in hardwood always up for a chat
  18. M6 closed junctions 2 to 3 that’s northbound won’t effect anyone going to the game
  19. Awesome turn out today for a top lad
  20. Just let everyone know John Barnes (Barney) died yesterday as a lot of your older ones will probably know him
  21. Dick 58 Wrote: Really hope you go on the pitch against bolton... Then get smashed all over the prom... There's more bolton in your end than you donkey botherers I recall when your little fucking coward with a blade did Ollie in, our snatch squad of a dozen game lads did plenty of "smashing on the prom" that night, more damage than you'd ever imagine. anybody ever heard of their snatch squad
  22. The Lever End in the early 70s was awesome saw a few teams come and try and where soon fucked off apart from chelsea/scum good days
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