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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Video quality poor but highlights are here
  2. Fuck me what’s your problem
  3. Be nice to hear a loud rendition of “where were you at burnden park” sang at these inbreds tomorrow. Also be nice to make the atmosphere around the ground just as unfriendly as burnden was for them.
  4. No cash turnstiles on the day. But tickets available to purchase from ticket office right up to kick off tomorrow.
  5. Just been ticket office and bought 3 now. just under 19,000 sold
  6. Outstanding !!! Rotherham home next. be great to have a larger crowd than Mk dons on, and smash them for that thrashing at their place
  7. Cannot wait for these fuckers to feel our passion tomorrow. Horrible little club. grew up watching Bolton late 80s/early90s when our away followings were incredible. Feels like those times are back. I think both sets of players, both sets of management teams and their fans, will be in total awe of the noise and passion of the Bolton faithful tomorrow. Come on you white men! We’ve got our club back boys, let’s show these fuckers what proper support is!!!
  8. Well said Paul. This will be a night when they realise yet again how very small they are.
  9. Does anybody remember going Oldham away 23.10.1976? game finished 2-2 Did we take big following and were any of the goals scored in front of Bolton end?
  10. Great find that Paul. Would love to see video or photos of port vale v Bolton 1973 2-2 game
  11. Great away day vale; gutted no fans although local plod will be very pleased. remember some of their players from back in the day...... Martin foyle, Paul musselwhite, Robbie van der laan, Ian Taylor. narrow victory for us and we roll on
  12. Remember watching first leg on tv live. Mcginley upset their defender then McMahon got involved. Peter Thorne getting interviewed pitch side straight after final whistle and seeing half the away end singing “where were you at burnden park “ across to the Swindon fans. Loved it. Went to home game, outstanding night. Probably loudest I’ve ever heard burnden. Unbelievable atmosphere and intimidating as fuck
  13. Hi Paul. Hope your well. Got a well known wanderer needing some help with a project. Looking to try and put you both in contact. It’s for a great project 

    1. paulhanley


      Just sent you a DM back, worked for me.

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