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  1. I think a win is on the cards today 2-0 or 2-1
  2. backed osric myself this morning should do better over this trip
  3. on planet of sound at 33-1 and michel le bon at 16-1 antepost both got good chances
  4. great fighter hope he can win this fight
  5. bolton beer fest this week any of you going.will be there tonight for the sponsors night get a free bar for a couple of hours. then may try it again on friday
  6. according to the sunday people the 19yr old right back starts a 10 day trail from tomorrow. chelsea had lined him up but coyle stepped in with a counter offer.he could sign straight away as he has not got a pro contract and we would only have to pay a training compensation fee of around 225,000
  7. on a plane flying to the us made to land in newfoundland slept on a school floor for 4 nights before letting us continue our flight to florida,didn'tknow what had happend as we where kept on the plane for 18 hours before the red cross got us off to take us to the school only info we got was the u.s had come under attack and many had died
  8. Says on bolton news website that he will be back end jan/feb
  9. Flew to america on 9-11 first time me and the wife had ever flown. we had to land in newfoundland where wehad to stay on the plane for 18 hours until the red cross took us to a school where we spent 4 days before we were allowed to fly to the u.s while on the plane we were only told that america had come under attack and many had died.never forget how the people of newfoundland looked after us.32 planes landed that day the popalation of gander trebled but they fed and took care of us all
  10. cheers all it didn't give any info in the bolton news
  11. anyone read the book.just read about it on the bolton news website wondered if it was anygood
  12. rangers rejected the offer and said they would not welcome any more bids as he is a player they think a lot of
  13. Boxie when did you work in the sally up steps i worked and stayed there for a few years when it was called the stanley arms
  14. could be a good signing got a lot of pace and was in the rangers team when playing their best football last season maybe somethingin this as its on the rangers forums that we've bid 600k for him
  15. good player would love him to come here but i think his wages might be a problem
  16. I remember the trains going past aswell as the cinders and railway sleepers i also think your right about the supermarket we would probably have gone to the wall if we had not sold the land.I also remember my uncle lifting me over the small wooden fenceinfront of the manchester road paddock and sitting on a bench near the home team dug out to watch the matches
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