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  1. For a while I thought I was in a parallel universe. The scum 5-0 down. Ronaldo goal disallowed. Pogba sent off. Great day
  2. All this fucking the real fans over is why I hate sky. Hypocritically though I'll be watching it in the village club.
  3. Live text had wigan 4 bolton 5 then wigan 5 bolton 5 then wigan win 5-4. WTF.
  4. Doyle 48 mins Breast cancer uk
  5. Thought it was Farnworth
  6. Boohoo sounds as if we've had a bad season and PMT as if we're going to. Swerve both
  7. He was guest speaker at a Bristol Rovers function I attended and had a chat with him about THAT goal. RIP Frank a true Bolton legend.
  8. Shit referees operating in Premier League too. I mean what competent referee denies the Scum a penalty ?
  9. The Isles of Scilly have a Truro postcode. Means nowt.
  10. According to an article by Marc Iles in the BEN 12/2
  11. Trevor Kettle has given us 5 red cards in his last 6 games.
  12. My dad was a Bolton fan. He took me to Burnden Park in the 56/57 season and I had a season ticket the next season and for many many more after even though I left Bolton in 1972. Since then I have made friends with real supporters of several other clubs and tend to look at their results but merely for an interest point of view as I'm Bolton till I die.
  13. Just about fucked football off already but would never change my allegiance.
  14. H


    Probably Apple slowing it down like they did with the IPhone
  15. If he gets them will they change from The Tics to The Smurffs
  16. If they want to fill it they'd need to build a shed.
  17. H

    Dean Holden

    John Ateyo Joe Jordan Norman Hunter Terry Cooper Bob Taylor Andy Cole Aaron Wilbraham Danny Rose David James Fair few there
  18. H


    Tedious Nowak Absolute classic that.
  19. H

    Dean Holden

    Just been appointed as Bristol City manager
  20. H


    I knew Biff mainly from the European away games. After his w/w fallout still saw him and chatted at away games. Good bloke. RIP.
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