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  1. H

    Sky Glass

    We record most stuff and play it back when it suits. Can also fast track the adverts that way.
  2. 50 years ago tonight/tomorrow (2am) Wigan Casino opened its doors to host its first ever Northern Soul all-nighter. Were you there Bolty58, or anyone else for that matter
  3. Bet Victor Meldrew's sad
  4. They reckon AI will make scamming easier
  5. Make my own. Took a few attempts to get the balance between spicy and hot but there now.
  6. Harry Belafonte Around too long ago for most of you lot but classed as the King of Calypso
  7. A friend of my mate's has just come back from Portugal where he entered a walking football competition. Quite a few teams including three 'professional ??' - Norwich City, Athletico Madrid and Bolton Wanderers. BWFC won. Anybody know anything about them ?
  8. Beachcomber on Bank Street mid/late 60s
  9. Well thanks. Thought about Wembley but with all the faff about tickets and train strikes decided to give it a miss. On the Saturday evening the rail line between Bristol and Swindon was flooded and disruptions carried on into Sunday morning so probably not a bad shout.
  10. £12 for 3 pints at my social club. Sky TV free.
  11. Body found in river. Not identified yet
  12. And what do you know about Tedious Nowak
  13. St Helens Road and Derby Street was a challenge when I started drinking in the 60s
  14. It's a rat trap and Garry Roberts has been caught.
  15. Martin Fowler's dad Arthur won't be on Strictly either
  16. Leslie Phillips not carrying on anymore
  17. Breaking news Bill Turnbull former BBC newsreader dies aged 66
  18. H

    Name The Ground

    Go back far enough and you find Frank Mitchell
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