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  1. Congratulatons. I'm just off to pub quiz so I'll raise a glass shortly.
  2. Walking back from the social club after the Germany game my achilles tendon tweaked and although getting a little easier its still painful. Just hope it heals better than my other ankle that I fractured a few years back when i fell over the seats at Reading. Had an op to repair but it still lets me know from time to time that it's not 100%.
  3. The whole album reggae style ? Weird.
  4. You are never gonna keep me out
  5. Thought it was Farnworth
  6. Including my childhood I have had dogs for over 65 years. My wife and girls have shown and bred dogs for over 40 years. It goes without saying that we have many deaths and believe me it doesn't get any easier.
  7. Ok if you live near a decent pub but drink driving killed loads.
  8. Boohoo sounds as if we've had a bad season and PMT as if we're going to. Swerve both
  9. I'm sure those of you still living in and around Bolton know but I've just read that one of my old locals, The Oddfellows Arms, won't be reopening when lockdown ends.
  10. H

    Line of Duty

    Nah he's a taff and his H stands for hyperactive. I'm neither.
  11. H

    Line of Duty

    Just for clarification H isn't me. Well not in LoD anyway
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