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  1. For a while I thought I was in a parallel universe. The scum 5-0 down. Ronaldo goal disallowed. Pogba sent off. Great day
  2. All this fucking the real fans over is why I hate sky. Hypocritically though I'll be watching it in the village club.
  3. Live text had wigan 4 bolton 5 then wigan 5 bolton 5 then wigan win 5-4. WTF.
  4. Doyle 48 mins Breast cancer uk
  5. Thought it was Farnworth
  6. Boohoo sounds as if we've had a bad season and PMT as if we're going to. Swerve both
  7. He was guest speaker at a Bristol Rovers function I attended and had a chat with him about THAT goal. RIP Frank a true Bolton legend.
  8. Shit referees operating in Premier League too. I mean what competent referee denies the Scum a penalty ?
  9. The Isles of Scilly have a Truro postcode. Means nowt.
  10. According to an article by Marc Iles in the BEN 12/2
  11. Trevor Kettle has given us 5 red cards in his last 6 games.
  12. My dad was a Bolton fan. He took me to Burnden Park in the 56/57 season and I had a season ticket the next season and for many many more after even though I left Bolton in 1972. Since then I have made friends with real supporters of several other clubs and tend to look at their results but merely for an interest point of view as I'm Bolton till I die.
  13. Just about fucked football off already but would never change my allegiance.
  14. H


    Probably Apple slowing it down like they did with the IPhone
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