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  1. Yet I just make that shit up
  2. Just read that document they've published. Good grief
  3. My cousin is playing for these tonight. My word they're rubbish
  4. Neil the new CEO whom everyone likes
  5. Lazy fat cunt can't even be arsed updating his twitter, so I doubt he'll be doing much critical thinking in the years to come
  6. I know, but it's the childcare aspect that's causing me to have to miss out
  7. Watched a bit of their game tonight and a Stockport defender had to leave the pitch after half an hour because he still had his watch on his wrist
  8. Pesky kids have tested positive for the rona FFS. Never been as ashamed of them as I am now, means I'm oot
  9. Really couldn't give a shiny shite
  10. Gethin Jones as top class raised a chuckle
  11. FFS it's the first flippin rule
  12. Wonder if Doyle can hit the target
  13. If you've nowt to hide or nowt to worry about in terms of how you behave at the match then I don't see why you wouldn't sign up.
  14. He's clearly a wanker, but for now he's our wanker and he's got plenty of credit in the bank with us yet
  15. At this rate he won't be half the player Robbie Blake was for us either
  16. He's neat and tidy but he's not very exciting to watch
  17. Kachunga for Bakayoko was an obvious sub from 15mins in. Kachunga is proper shit. My daughter has started coming with me (she's 10) and for 88 minutes she was moaning about how boring it was and if we could leave early, but then walking out at full time after that last 5-6 minutes she turned and asked 'when is the next game'. Another one hooked for life.
  18. Is it that dickhead Darryl Morris
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