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  1. Not a bad word to be said about any of our lads tonight. Fucking hammered them. Can't believe we've not won that one. Bastard ref completely incompetent, joker. Best thing to come out of this evening is that my nephews mum wouldn't let him come to a night match, little lad would've learned some new words tonight that I aimed at the officials
  2. 3-1 already been int pub for an hour, rude not to get a few pre-match liveners in this weather. Worry bout work in the morning 😁
  3. Bumped into a lad today that I went to school with, not seen for years but was always a Bolton fan when we were young. Today he was asking if I'll be watching and hope "we" win. Pisses me right off that shit, how do you change club?? Cant get my head round it.
  4. Late to the thread so sorry if it's been mentioned but you know it's on YouTube for free dont you??
  5. Don't worry, one more result like that and you can crack the champagne open 🙄
  6. Back on with no commentary though
  7. Fuck sake. Was just going too well weren't it. Make it hard work for ourselves, it's the Bolton way.
  8. Behave yerself man, t'was not a dig. Whether it was a poor attempt at it may be up for debate, but humour is still allowed round these parts I reckon. 👍
  9. Ratchet man feels we needed to push on and send a few more though before other clubs had the chance to submit one themselves. Fucking awful news, very sad.
  10. Pop over to behind the stands, offer an answer to the question of HBAHT? regarding your Mrs and then disclose an opinion on the forum little fella's love of watersports and you stand a chance of getting your head round um. I started chipping in at the start of the first lockdown, I'm still scared of um but they're a good bunch. 😁
  11. Dont often go near middlebrook apart from matchdays but was just passing so grabbed a coffee and just drinking that whilst looking at the Reebok (sorry youri). Fuck me I miss it. Just wanna get back in there with our kid and my nephew after a couple beers in the boozer, laughing, cheering, shouting and even miss having a little whinge when it ain't going our way. Let us in Boris you bastard.
  12. I Don't post on the footy threads as much as I don't consider myself very knowledgeable on the leagues and tactics side of things, just love our club and watching our team. However, just piss off with your bullshit man, it's somewhat tiresome!!!
  13. I saw chino the day after that walking past the no name as I was stuck in traffic. Told him how much I enjoyed it and I thought we played well. Left it by saying to him “it’s always good to beat them bastards!” I know he won’t but I’d like to think he’ll remember it when we smash them this week 😁
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