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  1. Oooff. Been there, that's always a bad hangover on that stuff. I couldn't even watch the game yesterday (real life issues getting in the way of fun 😭), never mind get on the piss, so this is where I get to feel smug this morning. Good luck lads! Pray for hungover whites xx
  2. Fantastic stuff. Nice one for the heads up again @Cheese 👍
  3. Superb song that. Only problem is whenever you listen to it you end up singing it for a bastard week, to the point you end up even annoying yourself.
  4. Depends if they're huge and in the bath!
  5. You wanna start practicing what you preach at work if it is!!
  6. boogs


    Been a belter. I think this is it now though.
  7. boogs


    Come on Shaun. I'd love a final frame decider for this.
  8. Don't know the answer to that one.
  9. And should shaun Murphy win, probably won't, I think he gives 10% of his winnings to the church, so we could merge snooker and religion.
  10. boogs


    Perfect weather for snooker. Reckon it will be a late night tonight. Every frame is turning into a scrap.
  11. boogs


    Maybe I've just cursed that one for him there😂
  12. boogs


    Is it not a sign of how good Selby is that Murphy hasn't had a sniff of a pot, rather than Murphy being crap?
  13. Don't worry, one more result like that and you can crack the champagne open 🙄
  14. Back on with no commentary though
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