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  1. Was never going to last. Anyway lets now get ready for next season. The away form must improve however if we are to mount any form of serious challenge.
  2. Ahh, makes sense now.
  3. Was Trafford at fault for their first?
  4. The mighty Millers march on!!!!! Bit lucky today though.
  5. Big away win. Well done Bolton. It’s a tall ask but possible…..
  6. I would take 3 and then win our back to back home games. That’s as long as the win is today of course. Safe trip girls and boys. Bring back the points. UTW.
  7. That’s where I am at the minute. Been into the Bolton bar earlier in Las Américas (Goose) and they claim I-follow is shit here so they wont be showing the game 2mrr.
  8. Not a chance. As shit as shit away days come. 1500 max. Out.
  9. Hope you are well out there mate. Yes, you are right, it must just be for home games at the moment. If these “further measures” are restrictive then I’m going to ban myself!! Its a joke being banned when you run onto the pitch in pure elation after a 104th minute equaliser.
  10. In 1. Said the same on the way back. 4 points from the next 2 away games and maybe we have a squeak of the play-offs. Whatever happens, it bodes well for next season because this group want it.
  11. Used to get complimentary “home” tickets through Barclays Bank for our away games in those days and we then blagged our way into the away end. However Torquay stewards wouldn’t let us in the away end for this game so we went in their end and simply walked across the the pitch from their end to ours. Cant believe we didn’t get stopped or confronted. How football has changed……
  12. Lifetime ban, loses his job and a custodial sentence too I would guess. What possesses people to do that, I have absolutely no idea.
  13. Right up there as an unbelievable day out. Off the pitch, unbelievable “support”. On it another very poor away performance. Poor weather conditions away from home and we’re bloody awful and it needs sorting.
  14. Never grow old. It ages you. 😄😄
  15. Record attendance due 2mrr for a team in the bottom 4 against us 11th. Bloody hell, what would it have been like last April for the promotion decider game?
  16. Morecambe don’t keep clean sheets and we score goals. I’m not saying we will win but to be content with a 0-0 playing a team in the bottom 4 is surely a piss-take.
  17. 3 out of next 4 are away, that will be the test. If we get 8 points or more from those 4 games then it’s season on. Anything less and especially a defeat @ Oxford and we prepare for L1 again. In all honesty you cannot have such a poor 3 month spell and still expect to get in the play-offs.
  18. It’s the rushing around that’s the killer for midweek games. I quite enjoy them now I’ve fuck all to do. 😄
  19. They are in cracking form and this will not be easy at all. Hopefully they are distracted by their big FA Cup tie on Saturday. 2-1.
  20. My sons birthday. Good time in Reflections. Thanks @Casino. The performance was amazing, especially the 4th goal. Thank you Bolton Wanderers for a brilliant day and night.
  21. I’m away anyway, but not a chance if I wasn’t. One of the most gutless away performances in recent history under PP was there and that one visit is enough for me for the time being.
  22. However shit Morecambe is, there’s always something about having a pint on the seafront, even if it is freezing cold.
  23. Shit away day and no doubt even worse for an night game. Out.
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