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  1. Left loads early. On the very rare occasion I drive to a home game, always leave early to beat traffic.
  2. Got talking to the chairman of Rochdale on the train on Saturday. When I got talking about Morley he gave me the look of a haunted man who knew what a deal and player we have got.
  3. Back Santos any time scorer. 3 reasons Sent off there unfairly & rescinded. Racism accusations. Never scored for us. Its 22/1.
  4. I lined that up didn’t I. 😂😂
  5. Been watching Bolton at well over 100 grounds but not been there since 1980’s mid week 1-0 win - JT. OMG, what a complete and utter shithole Gillingham is, especially around the ground. It made Grimsby & Bourgas look like bloody Knightsbridge.
  6. It was the Canadian prick that wound you up because he kept using the word Soccer. 😂😂 Never seen any of them before. They soon shut up though. LOL.
  7. You don’t witness many 3-0 away wins. UTW.
  8. I’d like to have my hair like yours, but unfortunately I can’t get it to fall out. 😀😀
  9. Bloody hell, rain forecast now.
  10. You’re right. Give me the Gillingham & Plymouth aways over Accy, Fleetwood & Morecambe etc any day of the week. Locals are just full of drunk kids….
  11. This season has gone. We left it far too late and then an odd slip up is fatal. All bodes well for next season though.
  12. Agree, it’s really surprising me too.
  13. I know the town and area very well. Ive had businesses there. Like you say it’s suffered like every town has.
  14. Correct. Little in town centre, even the JDW closed down a few years ago.
  15. Exactly the reason why I didn’t go. I’ve been once and will never ever go again. Football isn’t just about the 90 minutes for me, it’s about the day out…..
  16. It’s worrying and is being masked by our staggering recent home form. Over the season losing 11 aways out of 18 games is extremely poor and it must change next season if we are to mount a play-off push.
  17. 9 points. Win all the home games. Lose both aways.
  18. Blooded hell you’re slacking. My lad told me that 2 hours ago. 😀😀
  19. It would appear IE had a totally different opinion of the game than the posters on here who were there.
  20. Kieran must surely start @ Gillingham next week.
  21. I wouldn’t have taken 13th, why would you? Anyway it’s more the fact that we can’t seem to grind out an away draw, only 1 all season and quite a few defeats by the only goal. 10th place finish or better will be progress and something that was looking highly unlikely on NYD.
  22. Is it possible to catastrophize a fact? Dont use long words that you don’t understand.
  23. Looking like 11 away defeats from 18. Only Doncaster & Crewe are worse. Pathetic.
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