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  1. He turned our season for me , a defensive shambles when he got put in there From the first game you could hear him marshalling his troops in front of him he never gave them a second to switch off ,and slowly but surely it came together . Plus he seemed to pull of at least one save when we were backs to the wall that seemed a certain goal My player of the season , no Gilks ,no promotion , and maybe fannying about in playoffs
  2. as long as it isnt covid and you get to see next season 😀😀
  3. enjoy Micky , wish i was there too
  4. Enjoy that tonight fella ,having them all together Special
  5. shit i have them at 1 0
  6. fucks sake , tooooo soon
  7. i cant be arsed trying to work that out , just tell us what it says Mick . ok , i will have one guess WANKER ?
  8. Tommy Edge and Ciao Baby rammed this afternoon
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