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  1. Only thing different for me was had to assign every seat to someone who had a ST (or membership I presume).
  2. Arse about face this, if they want to sort things like the bottle throwing then instead of having 20 stewards stood watching people doing it why not have them actively removing folk?
  3. When the analysts says don't play Baka wide because he needs to be down the centre and don't play Kachunga down the sides because the other wingers offer better results but we have no choice but to do so then it makes them kind of redundant.
  4. Spot on, we said exactly this at the game yesterday. Isgrove has a bad habit of taking an unnecessary extra touch which kills the momentum of the attack and also makes his own job a lot harder. Also makes it worse for Doyle who has had to check and is then covered.
  5. Shows how we all see things differently, I thought Aimson looked poor although he did settle. Williams looked very unsure about him and kept going to cover the same man. The emotion Dapo was showing towards the end, was fantastic to see.
  6. Apart from not having a like for like replacement for him I think yesterday might help the squad a lot. IE has had since Tuesday night to talk to the senior players and any who might have been Sarcevic's allies (for want of a better word) and so they should all hopefully be on the same page.
  7. "Poisonous" was the adjective that best described Sarcevic apparently. My Stockport mate says they have a thing for L2 players with big egos so they're are chuffed to bits, he's mates with their captain and has history in that neck of the woods obviously.
  8. Sounds like he's been a toxic cunt and we're better shut of him.
  9. I thought Brockbank did ok tonight up until the end when I think he got injured.
  10. Think Brockbank might be injured, looked to have jarred something and be struggling a bit. Might just be shagged though.
  11. Do people other than Tim Burgess wear dungarees? What a world we live in.
  12. Got 2-3 written all over it this. Lad sent me a link to MickyD's mate Shannon doing that Ronaldo thing with grown folk encouraging her which will take some unseeing.
  13. Not surprised by that team, not sure what else he could have done and there's options on the bench. Be reet.
  14. Weather will be the great leveller tonight. 2-3 Baptiste, Brockbank, Isgrove
  15. I've a lifelong Stockport mate and he messaged me straight away excited about it, beauty of the cup. He did ask if they had a chance so I guess he missed the highlights on Quest last night.
  16. Think I'll need half ounce tonight never mind a quarter.
  17. Haven't gone back and read the thread yet but do we go into the Plymouth game with no Williams due to suspension and Evatt on a touchline ban?
  18. Bakayoko 7 Bolton Hospice (He's starting on Saturday so an ITK type tells me 🙄 )
  19. Doyle not scoring is obviously an issue but is it 2 clean sheets in 12 we've had? Missing chances is meaning we aren't winning games but defensive mistakes are costing us just as many points.
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