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  1. Them microphone mufflers can't be a random thing.
  2. Bit lost with this, is Aguero not their best ever scorer and was part of their most successful team for a couple of generations and so is a big part of their recent history? Should they be putting a Kinkladze statue up instead?
  3. There's been rumours about him having a gambling problem going around for as long as he's been involved in football, if it was in any way true then FV would have fucked us over not IE.
  4. Some Wong is definitely making a killing there.
  5. Honestly think the standard of football across L1 is awful as a whole but it's definitely a sweet spot for enjoyment. Mate of mine has been to City a lot in recent years through his work and after coming to games this season has bought his first ever ST because him and his lad have enjoyed it that much.
  6. They should have been 3 up and game over well before half-time, definitely Aimson's best game because he just did what a defender should do, Gregory got dog's abuse from WSL and was furious at the end of the game. Nothing against them and would rather they went up over some of the others.
  7. Fearing the driest of dry bummings, normally drive in and out but that's gone by the wayside for today.
  8. Agree with this as well. Seems to be a lot of folk saying we're not a million miles off and then listing 5 or 6 positions we need to strengthen, that's half a team and we can't afford to the first half of the season off like we have this year and last.
  9. Most of us would have gladly taken a point before the game so can’t moan about the result. Regardless of him being a cunt or not it’s McClean, Naylor, Power, and their other physical lads that have them getting promoted this year and we’ll need to do some good business before next season to change a mid-table squad to a promotion one regardless of buying into any long term footballing philosophy.
  10. Every credit for grabbing the ANAL opportunity, never gets old that 😂
  11. ErnestTurnip


    Does anyone realistically think he'll play for us again? Can't see him being in L1 next season personally.
  12. At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious do the EL1 lads and lasses not just shift over to available tickets and seats in WSL where they are even closer to away fans? Seen a lot of new and younger faces appearing there over the last few games.
  13. Would have been 2008 or 2009, maybe I'm confused but sure it was City and remember hearing a goal go in as we were only just walking away from the ground. 🤷‍♂️
  14. The 3-3 home draw with Man City, very begrudgingly left at half-time because someone I was with took ill.
  15. We win this we’ll go unbeaten until the end of the season. That’s what the tea leaves told me anyway.
  16. First match with system in place, every single person there grasses themselves up and it’s then also then the last match with the system in place. I’m Spartacus.
  17. Williams looks to be carrying a knock to me, definitely limping before.
  18. We mentioned this last night and I don't know if it's changed but apparently they used to get bollocked to high heaven and sometimes potted for dicking about like he was.
  19. Not sure on Trafford yet either, his kicking is suspect for me and he got bollocked 4 or 5 times last night by one defender or another for not giving a shout or not coming for the ball. That said he's saved the odd shot he's had to so can't grumble at that. Definitely missed Lee last night but Charles, Fossey, Morley all look very good signings and the new lad who came on had a good touch on him. Big fan of Johnston and he was brilliant last night.
  20. I thought the AHM were about to go TikTok viral the other week at the end of the game when a group of very young kids rushed towards them with their phones out but it turned out them Thogdens were sat a couple of rows behind. Don't think Mason Greenwood was involved.
  21. Unbelievable performance and result, feel sorry for anyone who missed that. Everyone put a proper shift in right to the very end and there was quality as well as graft, in Fossey we’ve got someone who actually looks to pick a man with a ball into the box rather than getting it in and hoping for the best. Some interesting policing after the game if you were walking from WSL to the gate facing the East Stand
  22. Woke up this morning with a bad feeling we’re going to get a proper dicking today so 2-0 Santos, Johnston 20087
  23. Think the Alsatian now identifies as a person which is ok in these enlightened times.
  24. Thought the referee was very good today, head and shoulders above the usual shite.
  25. I saw it more like Ani did but it's a much needed result and been a while coming so it's no wonder there's a bit of giddyness around so let's go with that for tonight I reckon.
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