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  1. I thought everyone did it, bit worried if it's just me and Kent.
  2. Does seem to be a lot of people asking for money to help to pay their vet bills after being in the Domincan Republic a fortnight before and that kind of carry on. Makes everybody more cynical to giving to those really in need but it probably was ever thus. Anyone found to be doing it fraudulently should be first against the wall when the revolution comes.
  3. The second time I saw a mott was probably in first year with a giving birth video and the third time would have been not much later and would have been Desiree Cousteau so I'm definitely pro-bush. First time I was that busy struggling to get out for a suck on a tit that I wasn't paying attention.
  4. Is yon man with the flag a known thing then? Lived round here for a good 20 year and never seen him before.
  5. Just saw a man out walking his dog near Johnny Fold roundabout and over his right shoulder he was carrying a 4/5 foot European Union flag on a flag pole. Not summat you see every day.
  6. There'll be a fair few who wait for the half season tickets so they can see if we are fully back in the ground and also how well we start. Especially the latter, have to be realistic how a lot of folk are.
  7. Spot on that, Williams was the missing piece in the jigsaw and he gave Evatt the means to crack on.
  8. This 1000000%, become a favourite at ours after the first few games.
  9. Fuckin hell, are we actually going to do this.
  10. Feel like I did before getting wed when you don't know whether it's going to be the best day ever or whether you should just run away never to be seen again.
  11. Is that Worcester thing not from 2019 and well before Covid?
  12. Mate of mine once sent me some porn with just one man and one woman having sex in the missionary position, sick bastard got blocked straight away.
  13. We need a totally new system in this country because voting locally should have nothing to do with party politics, it should be all about voting for people with a vested interest in the area who are prepared to spend their time trying to improve things. Use a general election to let people roughly choose an ideology that they would like the country to follow as a whole but local shit should just be about folk actively giving a shit to improve local issues.
  14. Work in Blackburn, Audley there has summat like a 43% take up of vaccine. Standard approach appears to be to blame a certain section of the population but speaking to the folk I work with the people some like to refer to as "us" rather than "them" are equally as to blame, being deniers or just not being prepared to go and get it sorted. Wouldn't want to use a broad brush off what a few people say but there needs to be more done to make sure folk are getting vaccinated if that's what the people who know have decided needs to happen.
  15. Similar for my nephew re the football. Runshaw have told students that they and every member of their households should go for a PCR and fuck the lateral flow off.
  16. Runshaw College closed for 2 weeks due to cases of one of the Indian variants.
  17. None at the one in town, got some brownie points for going to the tip though so not a totally wasted trip.
  18. Honestly don't know, saw a tweet about it before while having my brew.
  19. Not had it yet but for any NEIPA fans Sainsburys has an exclusive on a new BrewDog x Mikkeller called Urban Fox, described as "packed with tropical pineapple and coconut notes with bright berry, citrus and resin".
  20. Could we have changed anything to just not concede for 45 minutes, maybe but it's gone now and we have another chance next week. Have to try to stay positive while we're still in the mix, really don't fancy play offs though.
  21. Has iFollow just died or is it just mine?
  22. Need 5 minutes of boring keep ball sideways passing possession to kill their momentum.
  23. It's all a bit fucking tense this, was going to try and not drink before but it's turned out to be impossible.
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