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  1. Thought Steve Hillage and band were brilliant last night at the Ritz, didn’t get there early enough to see Steve Davis playing his synths in the support though.
  2. I know I'm 20 years late but just watched the first series of Early Doors, nice easy viewing.
  3. The Phil Lynott documentary Songs For While I'm Away has come back round on iPlayer if anyone is interested in that kind of thing.
  4. Watched summat called SWARM on Prime, only 7 episodes and although it really felt at times like it was going to be good it just wasn't.
  5. If you turn off automatic date settings on your phone and then set your date to be something between 19 Dec 2022 and 17 Mar 2023 you shouldn't see any nags or prompts. This might affect other things like maybe banking apps though.
  6. I think the SSL certificate was only valid for 3 months and expired yesterday.
  7. What's gone on with the bottom 4 numbers?
  8. There's Doner Kebab flavoured Pot Noodles now. More a public service broadcast that rather than a recommendation.
  9. One of mine lives in Spain and messaged me this morning saying it was going to be 29 this afternoon and he was going to watch the game on the beach. I've written him out of the will.
  10. Do you think you get to choose her lips or tits as your flotation device across the Channel or is there a cost implication involved?
  11. They all play for the love of the game, everyone knows that surely?
  12. The story he told wasn't about their time at Leicester.
  13. I remember Frankie Worthy saying in one of his books that Lineker was a cunt who only cared about money and it's really tainted my view of him over the years. That and him being a massive titty liner. Not relevant to the current news situation but just thought I'd mention it in passing.
  14. Can gnash our teeth and wring our hands but the better team won today. First half especially they pressed in numbers and we just didn't cope very well with it. Very well taken first goal but Santos should have done miles miles better, second goal was a free header with not a marker in sight. Morsy ran everything comfortably and they never let us settle as opposed to us having an off day. The playing out from the back is so slow and laboured that it's putting us under unnecessary pressure and teams with an energetic press jump on it straight away. Only real positive was that it wasn't as cold in the first half as it was in the second.
  15. This mon is an Estonian politician and nothing at all to do with the 350 million illegal immigrants over here. Just felt it needed sharing because, well just because.
  16. Not seen all of season 3 yet but the whole thing has been very poor for me and I'm someone who will still put an episode of TNG on if I want summat on in the background.
  17. Carnival Row series 2 sneaked under the radar and is out, Cara Delevingne as a fairy doesn't seem to have much of a broad appeal though.
  18. I was saying to my lad last night that finishing 6th is more important than winning the Papa Johns and he told me I was talking a load of shite. His young head said we'll be watching next season regardless of what division we are in but he might never see us win a cup at Wembley again so he takes the cup.
  19. If you're ending up driving down is it worth doing the official stadium parking ?
  20. Dunno if FobFix still do them on eBay but he used to be reasonable.
  21. The Great British Burqa Off ?
  22. Physical 100 is worth a watch if nothing else just to see how South Koreans interact with each other.
  23. Always finishes the full course of antibiotics
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