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  1. I'm going Steve Fulton.... Looks like your average Jock after a Saturday night out.... Or even in 😁
  2. Not sure but it looks like he has.
  3. If we are looking for an experienced striker to replace Jerome we could do worse than Charlie Austin.... He's a free agent.
  4. Mind you this is a ref who has been involved in a bung scandal
  5. What the fuck is going on?.... Never a pen in the memory of man 🤣🤣
  6. Get well soon Si..... From all those outside the club shop 🤣🤣
  7. Playing for England is like making love to a beautiful woman
  8. Not when, England pass it anyway 😁
  9. They're dropping that deep every game that Harry Kane is a holding midfielder.
  10. It's fucking Slovenia.... Why do we need one next to Rice?
  11. If he's on crutches Southgate will still go with him..... He's an outstanding striker but tactically a liability, there's no out ball half the time because he comes too deep.
  12. Apparently Fairclough was the one no-one wanted to fuck with.... But there were some seriously hard lads in that team.
  13. Connell would be a decent addition probably... I didn't compare I was just skitting the ludicrous post saying he was a superb player & we'd be lucky to have him.
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