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  1. Congratulations BB & wishing Albie a happy & prosperous future.
  2. We don't even cater for home fans very well.
  3. In those days we had a few quality ex dmbs. Dunne, Morgan, Gowling & Kidd.
  4. 4-4-2....the ages of his last 3 girlfriends? 😕
  5. The best years ever watching the Whites. As has been said before, some of our away followings were mental & there were so many iconic games in that era.
  6. Great days with Thommo on one wing & Willie Morgan on the other.
  7. It was probably drinking that got you up the spout in the first place 😁
  8. There's no kneed for that 😁
  9. Any method is fine if its successful, however, if you do the haka before you take it & miss then you look a right cunt & are rightfully the recipient of mass ridicule.
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