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  1. I'm 7 episodes into GoH, totally agree it gets better & better.
  2. And that cnut McGinlay from Millwall reserves ffs, Rioch out!
  3. I still feel that way about yon Anelka fella, why the fuck did we sign him when no-one wanted him? 😂😂😂
  4. Sharon just oozes class. We may not hit the heights of Leicester in footballing terms but we have in terms of togetherness, spirit & humanity.
  5. Add that to some people automatically assuming if we sign someone from lower leagues ( eg Thomason) they must be shit & we really would be fishing in a very small pool.
  6. Whilst that might be a wonderful whimsy from a fans perspective, it's more likely he would want to complete at the highest level possible for a decent wedge at somewhere that doesn't mean relocating.
  7. How do you cope snorting rola cola?
  8. I doubt very much we could afford his wages, he's bound to get a few offers.
  9. Would love Assombalonga but we couldn't afford him. The other 2 for me would be Alex Pritchard & Martin Waghorn.
  10. So we never buy another player from a division above us? Because we aren't stealing their better players that's for sure.
  11. Or finding out Boots don't sell Doc Martens?
  12. Thornleigh lad me mate... Was probably better suited to Woodside though. Its cruel to point out LWs shortcomings though 😊
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