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  1. This is someone who sacked a manager after 6 games ff! 🤣🤣🤣 It's better viewing than Arsenal TV.
  2. Went with my dad & a couple of his friends & we got jumped outside the ground after the match, I've hated the so called jovial, most knowledgeable fans in the world every since. Get a scouser on his own & he's usually sound lah, once with the pack they're usually shithouse bullies.
  3. Just my opinion but if you take the knee every Saturday then go & play in the World Cup in a country like Qatar where migrants have been put into forced labour & in many cases have died building the stadiums you are going to play in then you are a hypocrite.
  4. I keep saying it but when will these players with their social consciences stand up & be counted? We know they never will if it means losing money or the chance to play in a World Cup .
  5. I don't know which was the most gringeworthy performance the dmbs or Gary Nevilles comments.
  6. I get where you are coming from but there's been a few games where we have failed to score but have passed up a good few opportunities.
  7. Precisely.... and players will take the money with no qualms, just as they will keep schtum about the issues with Qatar.
  8. Fans don't give a fuck, they park their principles at the turnstiles for a shot at glory & why shouldn't they? Everyone else in football sells their soul to the devil for the big buck, not least the players.
  9. Sheehan is a, very good player technically but he needs to grab hold of games & demand the ball. I think he may be coming to terms with not being the big fish in a smaller pond. He's too talented a player not to be a success in an IE team eventually imo, just needs a bit of confidence & maybe a tweak to our set up.
  10. It may be just me but I find the Palace Ultra thing piss funny. There's nothing better than the feeling when a crowd spontaneously get behind their team but all this organised choir singing leaves me cold.
  11. Everyone has the right to an opinion & the right to have a moan when things aren't going well. What people take issue with though is people who can't wait to kick their team when they are down, who constantly criticise & abuse certain players no matter how well/badly they play & who start booing at the first opportunity. Forums like these are made for people to express any opinion they wish but people shouldn't get the hump when others jump on them when they are constantly negative no matter how we are doing. You questioned my having a pop at Woolli yesterday but his statement about Isgrove warranted it as it was just ridiculous. I didn't agree with very much that he said but respected his opinion but bollocks like that is uncalled for.
  12. Maybe it's people seeing the gradual progress & looking at the bigger picture & not wanting to hit reset everytime there's a few bumps in the road. Evatt is young & only 3-4yrs into management. In that time he has managed 2 promotions with teams playing expansive football so I reckon he has plenty of credit in his account.... especially where FV are concerned. I've seen times where Ian Greaves, Bruce Rioch & BSA have been questioned when they had dodgy patches & they were excellent managers but not with social media it's fucking ridiculous! If, at the end of Ken the cunts reign, someone had offered us what Evatt has brought to the table in less than 18 months we would have snatched their hand off. T Let's let him manage, accept his mistakes whilst he's learning his trade & be grateful for what we have because believe me we would struggle to find a better man to lead us.
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