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  1. He was forced to come out after being caught watching the Eurovision Song Contest 😁
  2. No way would gays be seen dead in flares 😁
  3. In his time at City Pep has only bought one striker in Gabriel Jesus.... and he's been used out wide more often than not.
  4. Would never have caught Suarez doing that...
  5. As long as he still gets up it's a result.
  6. I hear that you're a racist now Father Rudy 😁
  7. On Ilkley Moor bar tat..... Its nice to know you're here.
  8. Gazza has had a better 8yrs than us.
  9. I'm going with Lever end.
  10. Their sponsors have been paying his wages apparently... Another breach of regulations.
  11. I'm sure we lost 3-0 in 1980 too.... but my memory may be playing tricks.
  12. I think that was our relegation season from the 1st division
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