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  1. Seems to affecting Bolton's performance too.
  2. Looks like all that kneeling in supplication to their racist Marxist overlords has finally affected England's performance.
  3. Think we might have to chalk this down to being one of those days, also the ref being a total cunt apparently!!!
  4. With nearly 3/4 possession why aren't we walking this?
  5. Can we sign up Ray Charles for penalty duties next time?
  6. As Shakespeare nearly once wrote "A cunt by any other name is still a cunt"
  7. Out of all those goalies I only think one of them went on to bigger and better things (briefly) and that was Adam Bogdan. Was proud to have got this goalies name in one of those online quizzes that appeared on here about a year ago, Paul Rachubka but don't remember anything about him playing or anybody commenting on him. (The question was something like name all the post-Jaaskelainen goalies that played for us)
  8. In Joel Dixon have we found the first reliable goalkeeper we've had since probably Jussi Jaaskelainen?
  9. Very good win that, shame Accrington or Sunderland didn't mess up as we could have finished the day in the top 6. As the world's first Jewish superhero Captain Kosher would say "Up, Up and Oy Vey!!!"
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