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  1. First sticker album was Panini Football '80 which I completed, yes I'm that old!!!, also had the Mexico '86 sticker album, though mainly bought it for the info than sticker collecting. The first World Cup I can remember watching was Mexico '86, though I might have watched bits of Spain '82
  2. She did playboy many years ago as did her arch rival Debbie Gibson
  3. Looking forward to dishing out some revenge on them, also it's another local team alongside Sheff W and Rotherham U I can go and see Bolton play
  4. Ouchie!!!, at least next season we'll get our revenge.
  5. Listened to it on the radio, wouldn't mind but we were 1-1 after 50 odd minutes then we crashed 5-1. Was going to go to the original fixture in late October but it was rained off
  6. Wouldn't take the risk with Bungle, it could be Jess Phillips or Diane Abacus in there!!!
  7. And what a cast too, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert Shaw and Eileen Brennan to name but a few
  8. Freddie Marks of Rod, Jane and Freddie fame has died aged 71
  9. I think of all The Stranglers album Rattus or No More Heroes areprobably my favourite albums
  10. Think I've found the answer...
  11. Think I've found the answer...
  12. Like Wanderers Ways perhaps? 😂😂😂
  13. Nice one Villarreal 😂😂😂
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