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  1. Ah yes the old 'Last turkey in the shop' look In that survey on here I voted for the Charlie Chaplin, don't mind a bit of fanny fluff but don't want my teeth flossing every time I go down on a woman
  2. I was born during the Glam Rock era, so missed out on all that 70s hairy pie
  3. You mean for Shakermaker, definately. There were a couple of copyright issues regarding Oasis, Stevie Wonder was credited as co-writer of Step Up due to the similarity of Wonder's Uptight (Everything's All Right), and Neil Innes was credited as co-writer for the song Whatever due to the similarity of Innes' How Sweet It Is To Be An Idiot.
  4. You've got to admit though that run of 10 T.Rex singles from Ride A White Swan (October 1970) to The Groover (June 1973) were something special
  5. A lot of musicians borrowed from their musical idols...
  6. You have a great taste in music Electric Warrior, The Slider and Tanx are the holy trinity of T.Rex albums
  7. And now over to Alan Hansen for his in depth analysis
  8. My bad, think I might have meant Wolf Mother
  9. In the annuls of music history, Oasis will always be regarded far more as musical pioneers and trend setters than Blur, Radiohead or Coldplay. By the way Cannibal Corpse, along with Napalm Death, Cancer, Hellbastard, S. O. B. and Lawnmower Deth were pioneers of thrash/death metal
  10. If Palestine sow the wind by attacking Israel, then they WILL reap the whirlwind
  11. Only remember one of theirs when the lead singer is doing his Robert Plant impression
  12. It's it to late to shove you back up your mother's arsehole whence you came and ask for a refund? That's if you know which street corner your mother works on.
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