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  1. Carlisle away will do nicely for those of us north of the border.
  2. It was a good post mate. I was having a rant. I like Evatt's arrogance, but it backfired yesterday and tbf he had it rubbed in his face. Could be a proper wake-up call this. 🤞
  3. Saw this post yesterday and was surprised by how popular it was. We've been well and truly put in our place today. Fucking awful at the back at times and no meaningful threat apart from Sarcs beauty off the bar. Love Evatt and have complete faith but I hope he lays into them good and proper after this. We're too easy to beat and crumble too easily. I'm just going to end up ranting here but this result needs to shape our season in the right way now. Some proper work to be done if our April game against Wigan is going to mean anything.
  4. Heading down from Scotland for this - Half-term break so bit of a road trip south afterwards after. Hopefully catch the Gillingham game on the way back up. I'm out the loop. What's the crack with drinking, have the hotel got a bar that's open pre-match? I've got a room there in the evening and meeting my uncle pre match.
  5. great post this. Brings back the nostalgia of moving over to the ESL. My dad was a bit done with the modern game by this point so he was grateful for the excuse not to go.
  6. Absolute joke. The top clubs can play their kids but if we do the same then it's a fine. Would like to see a unanimous boycott from more clubs and managers. They can't fine everyone.
  7. There's a lot of games in this league. Plus the papa shite cup and FA cup left. There will be times when even the fittest athletes in this squad look jaded. Not saying there wasn't room for improvement. We could also do with a couple of better options off the bench. But It's good to see us getting a result in tough games.
  8. Considering how knackered they were after the last two away days, then that's a great result to grind out. We won't play brilliantly against everyone but if we can still go onto win those games then we'll go far. Time to start taking points off the bigger teams in this league now.
  9. There's a proper buzz of excitement around every game these days. It's ace. Hope everyone heading over to the ground today has a top day out. I'm going 2-0 to the Whites, that's being optimistic though, I think it will be a tough one. See you all at Wigan.
  10. Catalyst. Come on lads, step it up.
  11. Respect to all those heading down to this today. Got a good feeling about this one - 3-1 to the Whites. No idea who will score but it will kick start another run. Second by Christmas.
  12. Fuck em, they were lucky and they know it. That game plan could have easily backfired to a 2-1 or 3-1 loss if we could finish.
  13. You calmed yourself down fella. I was already considering a night out in Sunderland and bringing you a greasy pizza when you they let out the cells. That Mackam egging you on made me laugh.
  14. Quality turn out yesterday and a nice day out.. Good to finally meet some the folk off here too. Watching that Sunderland goal again is frustrating. Isgrove was weak and the marking at that back post was piss poor. I hope that Evatt lays into them off camera for that. It wasn't a good start, almost like we expected them to be better. I feel for Doyle, he gets a lot of stick but his link up play is decent, good enough for this league at least. He's in the right positions but his finishing is non-existent. Something could click for him, but we need to be looking at an alternative for January. Can't make my mind up about this season. Could be an interesting second half to it if we're still where we are in January.
  15. Evatt'l sort it. As always. Roll on Saturday.
  16. Best bit of that for me was hearing the stories of Doyle and Santos. Quality stuff. There will be some legends coming out of of this team.
  17. It's like nothing you've tasted. Pretty rank, but hits the spot.
  18. Ah fuck. Nice train down to Newcastle that usually.
  19. Then I can make it big time on your latest thread 💩
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