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  1. Call me a shit fan, but I'm glad we're out of it. Absolute joke of a cup with the reserve teams being involved. Won't be long until they're trying to put the likes of City reserves in League one and two.
  2. If the FA thinks that banning players for things they said when teenagers is the way to 'kick it out' then nothing will change. Not excusable what he said. But everyone deserves a chance to mature and grow up, which he clearly has. Good statement from the club. Time to move on.
  3. Still too much controversy around VAR to make it worthwhile. It's become the norm now, stopping for 5 minutes to analyse a fucking tackle. Scottish cup final today was proper football, as it should be played.
  4. Of course it does mate. Anyone not doing is a numpty. Gonna be a hard season but Evatt deserves a chance and to be given two windows to build. As long as we steer clear of a dogfight.
  5. Top post that Eddie. Shame to see Kachunga being singled out by folk in the first half when that was one his best games. There is a decent player there, but I'm not sure he's our best option if we're going to push on. Amaechi looked ace when he came on. Isgrove was brilliant. But the reality is that it's a weak spot when we're playing against better teams. I would like to see us get a good right/wing back in January. Someone who can defend first of all. No reason this squad can't keep us in the mix until we strengthen though.
  6. Made an interesting read catching up on this thread. The perpetually offended wet wipes taking away our atmosphere. Now there's a new one. There's always this chap to spice up a terrace at 12 fucking 30 on a Saturday.
  7. Such sad news. Who'd have thought a forum could turn out to be so special and to create so many memories. What a legacy. Sounds like a proper gent. Love to all his family and friends at this tragic time.
  8. Fair enough fella. I didn't have the hump with your comment yesterday 👍 For me, it was just a dig at a very obvious weakness at the back. I don't know the poster or if they constantly criticise Isgrove. Agree with what you're saying though and why you would take issue with that.
  9. You can't blame anyone for questioning Evatt after recent performances. It has been diabolical at times. But it's all about perspective and patience. He's done a brilliant job and I personally have faith he will get it right. I think the next couple of months will be scrappy and it's important we all stick by the team, regardless of what you think of Evatt. Use Wways to have a whine and keep it positive on the terrace. It would be fucking ace to go up tis season, but I'd be worried about us with the squad and resources we have in the Championship.
  10. Often wonder if any of the players scroll these threads at night...
  11. I mean I was mainly wondering why another poster was being called a crank for pointing out a very obvious weakness. But yeah Brockbank isn't much better.
  12. Isgrove isn't a right back for fucks sake. Anyone looking at that starting line up would be right to question that decision.
  13. If I was a county fan I would be bloody delighted. Bit of a worry this, not come at an ideal time. Yes he hasn't been great this season, but he's not the only one. Hopefully those worries put to bed when we beat Gillingham tomorrow.
  14. Time to get the basics in order. Clean sheet or concede 1. With a 1-0 or 2-1 win. Great thing about this league is there are plenty of opportunities to turn things around. Stay in a top 10 position until we can strengthen a couple of areas in Jan and we've a decent chance of a play off push.
  15. Out of interest - when did we last bag a goal from a set piece?
  16. What the fuck is going on at the back!?
  17. Haha, sorry bud. 👍 I was wondering about the dressing room singing. But then with the balaclava, he famously got in shit for some pisstake photo he had with his kids.
  18. Shit. What a scumbag. In fact, there were some years that I never got round to wearing one. I must love terrorists too. As for the 'up the ra' singing. There are some who argue its meaning has changed - I don't know enough about it, or about James McClean. But I find it unlikely he supports the worst of the IRA attrocites. Happy to be proven wrong.
  19. Didn't know about him singing 'Up the 'RA' no. Thought the balaclava picture thing he did with his kids was just a piss take like. Albeit a shit one.
  20. What has he previously said that condones terrorism? It's hard to find anything on it online.
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