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  1. Agree about Conté, can't believe Spurs got him. I also dont understand why Man United didnt go for him. He'll get more to spend at the latter too. The only question mark I guess is he will just fuck off if he's not getting what he wants. Levy at Spurs is hardly submissive either.
  2. My bad wording, I meant the worst team there. Though if NZ make it, they're even worse!
  3. Good news, SBS are broadcasting every match free. Actually watched them last year, against Saudi Arabia (0-0 at home) they're that shite they have to be "team 32" at the tournament.
  4. I was wearing my Wanderers top in Whyalla, SA and someone walked up staring at me, and shaking his head. Thought he was going to hit me or something but eventually outstretched a hand. A Boltonian on holiday from Adelaide, we were shit at the time, early days of Evatt hence the head shaking I think. Another time in Cairns, was checking into a motel, and the fella points out my top, turns out his Great Grandad was Mayor of Bolton in the 30s. He actually supported Spurs but had been to the Reebok.
  5. Am I the only one who isn't impressed by Foden, for England anyway. Did zip in the Euros.
  6. Think its time someone suggests one of those fictitious pay as you play contracts
  7. Fook me dont remind me. As I'm a descendant of one of the 33 I emailed BWFC and asked if one could be reserved for me, I live abroad btw. Not unreasonable I thinks. Reply just said no, get one of your friends to buy one. Customer service not great during the Anderson era
  8. Possibly weighted in favour of higher placed team? There is a strong argument it's fairer.
  9. Not sure anyone's mentioned Ian Wright but I rate him. Started off as the permanent clown, but now got the balance right between jokey and serious.
  10. And 👇 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaddafi_Stadium
  11. Jeez, you two will get him twitching again...
  12. Trying too hard to create history.
  13. Fucking hell, they wanna see cost of holidays this part of the world. £200pp AI!
  14. Wouldn't put it past Mino Raiola to negotiate a deal from beyond the grave
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