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  1. Once saw a travel doc with El Paso profiled. Basically El Paso is separated only by the Mexican border from Ciudad Juarez which is basically lawless. Kidnappings, drug trafficking, murders off the scale. El Paso despite being the US is actually a lovely place.
  2. jayjayoghani


    Never heard of him, but if there's a better 80s footballers name I've yet to hear it.
  3. @DomRepWanderer ? Next door to Haiti.
  4. I'd fancy taking a few wickets in these conditions
  5. How did flying to Tasmania go? No issues?
  6. Aye. Went to a Covid testing place in Melbourne and they gave us 5 RATs. Rare as rocking horse shit in Victoria. So all sorted!
  7. Just been for my PCR test. 72 hours before travel. 8 day wait for the result apparently. So the system is functioning well 👍
  8. Oh aye, need to do a travel declaration too https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au/travellers-and-visitors/coming-to-tasmania
  9. Just thought I'd check as it came as a surprise to me.. You're supposed to get a PCR test 72 hours before travelling to Tas. Proof of negative test apparently not required but guess they may do random checks. I'm travelling (via ferry) on 16th so may make Day 4. In this series I'm not banking on it lasting that long 😆
  10. Seeked isn't a word btw.
  11. Where were Bolton this time last season?
  12. They make 267 and win by an innings. That's shite.
  13. Fwiw, I think all professional footballers should be vaxxed. This is what happens when you leave to personal choice. The reason I think it should be compulsory is that during the current shitshow folk are more reliant on football for entertainment. The authorities should take all reasonable measures to ensure it goes ahead. If players that anti-vax find another league.
  14. That BN interview he gave when he continuously referred to data and fans was a car crash of almost Prince Andrew proportions.
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