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  1. Best bench press of any footballer or summat. He's a strong fat cnut.
  2. How's your daughter getting on in Wagga?
  3. Can't see it but would love to be proven wrong. Vaccine rollout here has been pretty shite. Unlikely they'll have majority of folk fully vaccinated by end of year
  4. Schedule change looking likely.. Perth finale rather than Sydney https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/australia/cricket-australia-vs-england-the-ashes-2021-dates-venues-summer-international-cricket-schedule-revealed/news-story/6cd1f57434b8d2754af9379d2bb95bd3
  5. Top boys Johnny Ball, Brian Cant and Peter Duncan.
  6. It's live on Bein Sports Xtra. Downloaded the app for 2 week free trial. Same goes for @bolty58
  7. Ralph Fiennes has got some CV
  8. Fuck. Doesn't that mean those abroad can't watch now if no Ifollow?
  9. Seeing as Birch Chorley isn't here anymore, I'll say it then... War chest.
  10. Yep Gazza was brilliant in that 4-2 v Czechs. Was awful against Cameroon mind.
  11. Find couscous a bit naff, but pearl couscous is nice
  12. Yep only one win needed now
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