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  1. Watched their games against villa and yesterday against arsenal. They really are poor. I know we have seen jokes about the best ground in the championship but that is looking like a reality this time.
  2. W.cramp


    It also says 2-3 weeks and that was last weeks story by iles.
  3. Not seen any of the game 'thinly veiled I am in kefalonia' but wheres all the 'must win game or evatt under big pressure, evatt cant motivate, we can forget promotion if we dont win, evatt cant beat top teams brigade? This lot want to hang their heads in shame, pathetic excuses of bwfc fans and exactly what mr evatt was talking about at the start of the season when he spoke about 'being entitled' .
  4. What u think traf is what you've said and I've said in that the back 3 defenders need to be just that. Now toal and Santos are shoe ins, what we saw of Forrester at burton also puts him in that 3. From what I have read Jones had a better game at rwb and so that's 2 for that spot. From the changing of personnel and positions last night is mr evatt going down this route? Would we sign another c.half as iredale isnt one ? A lwb as well maybe as John and sadlier must be packing their bags this week. Gonna be an interesting few days and I would love us to issue a statement with incoming ( i dont mean sharon type statement)
  5. Well, not a game for the purist was it. Happy that we didnt get bullied and stood up, also happy that Forrester came on and looked like a defender, we will be a better team with toal Santos forrester . Not happy with iredale being selected nor the fact he needs to practice that difficult 3 yard pass! Wtf was he doing, also not happy that randell high seems to have lost that 2 game form he showed. Could of won, could of lost, will take a point and hope for a couple of 1st team signings in the next couple of days.
  6. Judging on 1.5 games ! Give the lad a chance, hope he starts on Saturday, his and Mendes-Gomes fitness must be getting there now.
  7. Na mate, we or most clubs wount want the circus that comes with him. Surely his only option is abroad, Saudi is calling
  8. Mason Greenwood is a free agent, worth a punt !
  9. Mods, can we put a block on this topic now. We all need to be free from this torture and move forward.
  10. I think like a lot of us I am looking for any positives this morning and the only thing i can come up with as daft as it may sound is that perhaps this could turn out as the best result of the season for us. The players need a good look at themselves today and if any one of them can say I did ok then they need to fak off, what's come of yesterday is playing with a back 3 we need the basics of having a 3 who can defend. I know they have to have the pass in them but gawd sake defend must be the no1 priority. Things have to change and toal coming in for iredale is number 1, we havent seen anything of ashworth or Forrester to know if they can do this job, if not then a new centre half is needed. Morley- I have said my piece on him and dont like seeing the lad made a scapegoat but he is nowhere near good enough for a promotion chasing team. We really missed Charles and I dont mean for just his goal threat, their defenders were taking the piss, nlundulu a last 15 minutes sub at best. Evatt can now see where our shortcomings are and perhaps that performance is what was needed to do this. I trust evatt to sort this and next Saturday is the perfect chance to show this. It's difficult but let's move on lads.
  11. We play 3 at the back, but have 1 centre back in Santos. Iredale can not play this position and needs replacing with toal asap, Jones also needs replacing with a defender as he can not defend. It's the basics ffs. We beat Fleetwood 3-1 but the warnings were there, they could have score 3 or 4. Fed up of saying Morley is a waste of a spot in the xi. And as pointless as that 2nd half was maghoma and Mendes gomes showed why they should be starting. Baxter had a shocker. 2 goals at fault. Look, next game is burton and they have 1 point and we should be smashing them, if we dont win then there are problems, no excuses for not winning.
  12. Of all the games , we have a keeper and defence who cant do the basics, wtf are they doing on the 1st and 3rd. And I said before the season that Morley is a waste of position, he can shoot, that's it
  13. Stop using big words. Us bwfc ultras dont get what your on about. Who's got the drum for tomorrow ?
  14. So, back to the subject , I can see mr evatt starting Mendes gomes with big vic in this. They know Dion ain't there and will likely have been preparing for nlundulu. I just see Mr evatt going for the surprise
  15. W.cramp


    Take it off em and replace it with football manager 93. That'll teach em
  16. Derbys defence were at it again last night, they are comical, if you get chance then have a watch of all goals conceded this season.
  17. Aye. He will get a telling for this. I was expecting 11 or 12 with all the subs and the shenanigans with the 2 red cards. Fook knows how he got 5
  18. A 3-1 victory. Big vic, Dempsey and randell high.
  19. Not understanding people saying Saturday will be the first big test, Fleetwood played well last night and on another night could have easily scored 3 or 4. I dont expect wiggin to be any better than Fleetwood and to much thought is going on previous meetings and probably the pathetic 0-4 at home is at the front of peoples minds.
  20. Iles saying 'maghoma was a joy to watch' now have I watched a different game or has he mixed him up with vic ? (100% sickening I know)
  21. Jerome nailed on !! Maybe Gomes, gives em somet time think about
  22. Did nowt to impress any championship manager.
  23. 10 points gap . Remind your wiggin work lads about this
  24. Strange game, all took their foot off 2nd half , I get it but they created a lot of chances that 2nd half and the game could of got squeaky. Probably should have took Charles off at h.time, he looked like he could of got himself in bother with that ref and we didnt need him to stay on. Ah well another 3 points and could of been worse. Onto Saturday, hope thomason is fit.
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