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  1. A shout out to Mike oxlong senior who's a big Bolton fan . Ffs. Thick fakin scouser
  2. Talking about Plymouth. How the fook are they 3rd. Yes they beat us on what was our worst performance of the season but fookinel they were shite. One of the worst we will see all season apart from mk Dons
  3. Peterbro teamtalk. Get stuck into these lot from the off they will crumble and fold(shows s.weds game) we stood up and gave it right back to em. 2nd half there was only one team in it, tremendous performance. A tad different than the mkdons game . Oh and thomason was excellent again (horwich wont be happy)
  4. Definately. Maybe morley
  5. W.cramp

    MK Dons Away

    Like many have said, we wont get an easier game all season even against them u21's teams. Dont think we played great, ruthless in their box we definately weren't, Charles being the main culprit , couple of chances he should have buried and he misplaced approx 6 passes. I know it will come for him but I sense something just doesn't look right, probably a confidence thing.
  6. 10 days of mourning apparently. So does that mean we would have 3 games pulled ? And would Doncaster be ok with this ?
  7. This game definately falls into the 'be really pissed off on satday neet if we dont get 3 points' category.
  8. A few hands being held up on here tonight ? A nice win, dont think we played particularly well, Trafford made 3 or 4 great saves but we got the job done and that's all that matters. Thomason played well but Jones and Johnston didnt. Not sure Jones has looked right all season. That's for another day . Enjoy your weekend lads and lasses. 3 points better off
  9. As riveting as the car park talk is, let's get back to a nice win today whites. I want to see football played the way we know we can and have done in patches, be good to Charles up top and not giving their centre halfs a second on the ball, love to see him grab a brace today. To early to put beck in there ? Probably, but fwiw my thinking is beck will be the starter and iredale will come into the back 3 at the expense of Johnston. Coyw, dont fuk our weekend up
  10. I was thinking that when they played city the other night, same goes for their fans - turning up to fak knows how many games and having to turn round to your mate asking who was that, who got that yellow, who scored, is he not a defender etc Would do my box in
  11. Must be rasiak time now
  12. Douglas Luiz going round thinking hes Paul comstive.
  13. The signing announcement was on the official site. It's been took off (it did look pretty shit tbh).
  14. Straight into the squad for Saturday?
  15. Beck and Bradley, sounds like a new ITV cop drama. Done deal according to the scouse echo. He comes in in the left and that pushes iredale into the back 3 at the expense of Johnston or Jones. I know people will say Santos but that ain't gonna happen.
  16. What position did he play sadlier?
  17. Be happy with a Santos error free game ! 2-0 Charles and Eddie.
  18. Are we allowed to play the b team or majority of the b team or does the daft rule still exist where x number have to been included in the last matchday squad ?
  19. Not on Twitter, well I am but dont get how it works. Is the evatt out brigade raising their voices ? Santos fucked up and evatt knows it and possibly gave his first criticism with the 'we have to dominate both boxes' comment.
  20. How the fuk are we losing this. Santos that's 2 major errors in 2 games. This one better not cost us this game , a lad his size and he allows that. Think Lee is having a shocker as well.
  21. Never gave sundlan lot a 2nd thought till last season and the game we declared. Listening to the interviews before and after the game of their lot was hilarious. Their massive club self importance and shouldn't be losing to a club like Bolton changed my thoughts on em. Fookin hilarious they are losing their manager after a decent start
  22. Possible ins and outs going off mr evatts interview stating he has been offered very good players he thought were out of reach after we appeared on the tele box. Could be an interesting last couple of days of the window
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