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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Bolton Cricket


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Always fancied playing cricket.... It's it too late in the late 30's?

If you've never played at any kind of level, then probably it is.


Anyway, nice day for it today. Finally get that cup game played at Bury. Might even get a bit of a tan if it stays like this.

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Westhotdog v Wogden.


Corey Collymore Ex West Indies playing for Wogden.


He's not being paid".....................

Good signing that. Sure they will win the league, hamer cup and lko with him

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Daughter's boyfriend scored 86no yesterday for Bradshaw seconds. First time he'd scored 50+ at this level.

To celebrate, the rest of the younger players deep heated his gear while he was at tea.

Is this normal?

He's also the teams fastest and arguably most accurate bowler but didn't appear out for second innings while his family nipped home for clean kit. Rules state that he must miss bowling on as many overs he's on the pitch as he was off it so it really fucked his day up.

From the cricketers amongst you, is this normal practice?

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